Baldur’s Gate 3 – Arcane Tower Secret / Hidden Loot

Arcane Tower Loot

The intent of the Arcane Tower is several fold.

First, it highlights the story of the cleric Lenore who has chosen exile and her research over her former relationship. She pursues her research of the suzzar blossom, actually achieving what she intended to do (powering the tower), but the solitude of the Underdark became too much for her.

She began to dream of taming wild creatures when she came across a bulette whilst placing flowers upon the grave of her dead dog, who died swimming in the lake. She attempted to befriend the bulette, capturing it and bringing it back to her tower.

She attempted to change its nature but during one of the training sessions it ate her. After it consume Lenore, her lost love returned to the tower, only to find the letter on the table where he answered it.

Note: For more loot read the following guide: secret / hidden loot in Baldur’s Gate 3. This loot from the first act of the game will help you in getting an easy start and getting through this wonderful game.

  • Beyond that, you must seek the ring of light. Then head into the basement. There, you will find a staff of great power along with a few other items of notable use.
  • You must read all the books in the tower to answer the guardians riddles/questions/actions. You can kill Bernard and take the glaive, and still access the hidden basement.
  • The mushroom village is located in the north eastern section of the Underdark.
  • Remember to gather the timask & mad tongues for Ormellium back in the spore village.

That is most of what you can find in the tower.

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