Baldur’s Gate 3 – How to Beat Raphael Easy

Beating Raphael in the House of Hope isn’t a terribly difficult proposition, but it requires a ton of preparation to make it easily happen. As early as Act 1, you need to start getting things ready.

Guide to Deal with Raphael

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Act 1

In the goblin camp, you’ll come across smoke powder barrels. Send most of these to your camp. You should reserve two to eliminate Auntie Ethel in the Tea House. Killing her there eliminates all the trouble you’ll have with the remainder of the Hag Quest.

Stockpile oil barrels, liquor barrels, and furniture, especially chests. Using furniture to congest a narrow approach is always helpful. Furniture alone can mean the difference between a pleasant stroll through the Githyanki cheche to one where the gith confound you every step of the way.

Act 2

Before you enter the Thorm Mausoleum, Raphael asks you to kill a huge demon he’s imprisoned inside. A displacer beast will lead you to Yurgir and his pals. If Astarion is in your party, he wants you to kill Yurgir. Ignore him. Don’t fight Yurgir. Instead, find out why he has been imprisoned here. At the base of the huge statue of Lady Shar is a rat.

That rat is a disguise for the final warrior who must fall to release Yurgir from his contract. Kill everything down there. Return to Yurgir afterwards and tell him the good news. Raphael shows up. Some chitchat takes place. Don’t attack anyone during this encounter. Ignore Astarion as always. Yurgir signs a new contract and you won’t see him again until Act 3.

Don’t save yourself some time by killing the rat before you meet Yurgir. Proceed through the quest as the gods intended. Doing so means you won’t have to pass a 30-level difficulty check to get Yurgir to join you in the House of Hope later. Continue stockpiling supplies.

Act 3

At Sharesh’s Caress, you’ll see Korilla, Hope’s sister. She will tell you that Raphael is waiting upstairs to talk with you. Raphael will want you to sign a contract. Don’t talk to Korilla. Don’t meet with Raphael. Just ignore all that unnecessary mess. Raphael is upstairs in the apartment adjacent to the street. Head back there after the battle in the House of Hope. It’s pretty nice.

Throughout the game, stockpile lots of grease jars. Properly used, grease jars can slow down your enemies and break up their advance. Yeah, you might have grease spells, but grease jars are permanent. You don’t want this stuff expiring, especially in the final battle that concludes Shadowheart’s origin story. Used generously and without open flames, pig grease gives you the edge you need.

In Baldur’s Gate, you’ll discover a fireworks shop. Rob it blind. Strip the place clean. Send all those lovely explosives to your camp.

Visit The Devil’s Fee to open a portal to the House of Hope. Once the portal is open, get all those stockpiled explosives and fireworks from your camp and start preparing. It’s tempting to place those explosives where Raphael, Korrilla, and Yurgir will appear later. Don’t do that. You’ll just end up killing Yurgir and probably at least one party member. You especially shouldn’t do it if you intend to save Hope and have her survive. The explosives should be placed at the top of the stairways and near the pillars that border the central area.

Extinguish all open flames. After that’s done, do whatever it is you need to before you decide to leave. When your tasks are completed, clear out any remaining minions. Before you return to the portal, extinguish any and all open flames throughout the entire level with the exception of the prison area. You don’t want your grease igniting prematurely. Bring at least one chest to keep the double doors leading to the portal from closing. Place the remaining furniture along your path of retreat.

Battle time! Interact with the portal. Raphael, Korrilla, and Yurgir appear. Yurgir will join your side without any persuasion rolls. After battle begins, use flame to ignite the explosives on either side during your first turn. This should spare Yurgir, kill Korrilla, and make your retreat from the arena that much easier. Exit the battle arena as quickly as possible and retreat off in the direction of Raphael’s Den.

Start laying down the grease. If the trail of grease is long enough and uninterrupted, the AI won’t be that crazy about pursuing you. So, it leaves Raphael with a conundrum he can’t easily solve. He’s outside the intended battle area and the pillars. His soul charges are used up. Most of his cambions and Korrilla died in the explosions you set off. Worst of all, he’s got Yurgir on his butt. In one playthrough, Yurgir killed Raphael by himself without our help.

Raphael wouldn’t traverse the grease. He just hesitated the whole time. During another playthough, the grease trail accidentally went up, but Yurgir was on the case. Raphael had somehow gotten himself cornered in his own treasure room. Our team arrived and finished him off with explosive arrows.

A lot of preparation I know, but my final playthrough spared Hope and Yurgir with no combat losses or deaths for the rest of my team.

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