Long and Hard… Summer! – Guide for Test Q&A & Babeflix 100%

Guide for the Questions, Tests and Answers with additional Babeflix 100%

Questions, Tests & Answers

Note: Credit goes to Skyler

Q1) What should be your main goal in creating a game?

A) To create an experience through the play.

Q2) What are your first steps in creating a new game?

A) Brainstorming and prototyping the core idea.

Q3) What do you do when you notice that your game is not fun?

A) I rework the core mechanics of the game.

Q4) What is the perfect number of members in a game development team?

A) It depends.

Test Q&A:

Q1) What is one of the best ways to learn making games?

A) Making clones of very old games.

Q2) What engine is the best to make games?

A) The one picked after a thorough research.

Q3) What is the role of the pace in video games?

A) To make players engaged by adding variations to progression.

Q4) How often should you test your game?

A) As early and often as possible.

Q5) Where can you get inspiration from?

A) Experiences and feelings got throughout your life.

Q6) Which stage of workflow in game development is the most important?

A) All of them are as important as the others.

Q7) How much time can polishing your game take?

A) It takes longer than most developers expect.

Q8) When should you start planning the marketing for your game?

A) Before the production begins.

Q9) What is the best practice to become a good game developer?

A) Keep making games and learn in the meantime.

Q10) Should you expect that your first game will make a lot of money?

A) No, it will make a little to none.

Babeflix 100%

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