Baldur’s Gate 3 – Balthazar Skip / Bug


I ran into an odd bug that I thought I’d share. This “guide” will try to explain how I think I skipped the Balthazar fight.

Possible Minor Spoilers!

How I Did It

In the shadow realm where Balthazar is arguing with Nightsong, I had Shadowheart start the convo, and took my throw-barbarian around to throw the skeletons into one pile to one shot them with AoE later. (my barb is a custom protagonist). Every time I threw one, I would lose 5 “attitude” from him. When I tried to talk to him, the narrator just says I ticked him off.

I switched back to Shadowheart, and it skips to the cutscene of Shadowheart vs Nightsong. Somehow, I bypassed the Balthazar fight. He just stands there doing nothing, now.

Possible note-worthy facts:

  • I had the bell that summoned his “brother”, but never used it
  • Protag is a half-elf barb that’s been a good-guy all game so far
  • High approval with Shadowheart
  • Shadowheart started convo, and switched to protag barb ASAP
  • Fully cleared the dungeon; holding the dark spear and helm ect
  • Approached by not clicking on NPC’s, but by proxy
  • Party was Ungrouped
  • No one was sneaking
  • Shadowheart had rogue/ranger gear, NOT the spear or the rest of her justiciar gear
  • I read her thoughts as she prayed earlier, and clicked something like “we’ll talk about this later”

Uh, hope this helps someone somehow! Maybe speed runners can reverse engineer this or something.

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