Streets of Rage 4 – Stage 12 Mania+ Tips

Tips to Stage 12 Mania+

  • At the start of the stage, save the knives from the Josephs and on the next part (the large corridor leading to the castle), throw the knives forward while standing right in the middle of the stage; if done correctly, you’ll hit Candy who’s in the far right of the area, by the gates. Then wait for her to come at you and dispatch her. This makes so you don’t have to deal with her plus the two Caramels later.
  • Before entering the castle, make sure you have a spare knife dropped from the Josephs. Once you enter, throw it so you’ll hit one of the Bronzes waiting after the bridge; that allows you to bait him to the left so you have one less to deal with.
  • Once you enter the castle, save the first chandelier trap for the Sparrows and Zs that will appear. Make sure you advance slowly and break the weapons you find on the way to limit the “ammunition” of the Zs. Stick to the bottom left side of the area so you don’t accidentally break the cursed cabinet and have to deal with Mr. X AND the the other enemies. Only break the cabinet after you kill all enemies but one, but BEFORE you go further where the Baabos appear.
  • Once you go upstairs, the hardest part begins. After you dispatch the Shadows (make sure to strafe up and down to avoid their shurikens), you’ll get into the “Big Ben Gauntlet”. On the first wave, avoid the enemies altogether and let the Hearts kill the Big Bens and Anrys with their rollout attack.
  • After that it’s all smooth sailing. Make sure to save all your Star Moves for the final battle against the Y Mecha, since a Zeebo and a Kuubo will appear as reinforcements.
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