FATE: Undiscovered Realms – Reckless Fate Achievement Guide

Revive your character in hardcore while still being able to get the Reckless Fate achievement.

How to Obtain Reckless Fate Achievement


This guide will show you how to revive your character in hardcore mode without preventing you from getting the Reckless Fate achievement.

Reviving Your Character

On character death, a prompt will appear saying that “your character has perished”. Alt+tab from the game (if in fullscreen), then terminate the Fate.exe (32 bit) program either through Task Manager or by closing the game’s window. DO NOT go through the “Choose your fate” screen and choose the “I wish to be forgotten” option, doing so will completely delete your game file.

Relaunch the game, then load your character. You will be back to the “your character has perished” prompt. When reaching the “Choose your fate” screen, the normal “revive” options should be available.

Your game file is now permanently glitched, in that everytime you die, the usual three “Choose your fate” options will be offered to you (You won’t need to manually close the game then relaunch again to make the options appear.).

Get the Achievement

After you beat Kaos and turn in the quest, the achievement will pop up once you retire your character. Again, you will still be able to get the achievement after performing this glitch.

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