Vivian Carmine – Achievement Guide

How to get 3/4 achievements and unlock “???” in Vivian Carmine.

Guide to Achievements


Hello you lazy civilians, you silly geese. I am here to help you. So the achievements I’ll help you get are “Detective”, “The Tile”, and “Sally’s part”. Obviously there are spoilers. Play the game normally first if you can.

The Tile

In the Cafe where you first meet Sal, you will be met with a charming checkered tile floor, some tables, and the counter. Here are some pointers. Just because it doesnt glow, does NOT mean you cant interact with it. Your cursor will change colors when hovering over a place it can interact.

That being said, near the door area, move your cursor around slowly. When it changes color, you’ve found The Tile! Enjoy some silly dialogue.

The Detective

This achievement requires the achievement The Tile, so go read the last part if you have not. In this achievement, it is self explanatory. Just look around and touch. EVERY. THING. Be the toddler you always wanted to be. Touch those walls, that tree, AND that plant by the entertainment system. YEAH!!!

Sally’s Part

After getting the Detective and the Tile and beat the game, you will have the ??? in the main menu change to “Sally’s Part”. Play through this rather charming scene and get rewarded with an achievement! Wow!

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