Half-Life: Opposing Force – How to Get the MP5 or SPAS-12 Before Getting the Wrench

If you are planning on playing opposing force, but would like to start with a little more fire power than a wrench, this guide is for you.

Guide to Get the MP5 or SPAS-12

To maximise success, follow these guidelines:

  1. Set your difficulty to either Normal, or Hard for the Best results.
  2. taking different routes from the guide may affect the results (for better or for worse).
  3. This will take many attempts, I have never been ever to do it first try.

With that out of the way, onto the guide.

Getting the MP5 Before the Wrench

Immediately after the crash, save the game, and make your way to the helicopter.

Either walk over the helicopter, or to the left hand side of it.

You will then see a HECU Soldier with a MP5 in a fight with a Alien Grunt. The HECU Soldier must die in this fight in order for you to get the MP5.

To get the HECU Soldier to die, you may want to wait one to three seconds before going past the Helicopter as to not been seen by the Alien Grunt, as that will throw off the Alien Grunt’s shots.

After the HECU Soldier dies, run to their body to grab the MP5, if it works, you will see the crosshair on your screen.

Now you have the MP5 Before the Wrench in Half-Life: Opposing Force.

Personally I recommend getting the MP5 Rather than the SPAS-12 as you do not get the MP5 until a while later in the game.

Getting the SPAS-12 Before the Wrench

Immediately after the Crash, save the game and make your way to your left, you will then see a HECU Grunt with a shotgun fighting a vortigaunt. Just like the MP5, this soldier must die in order for you to get the weapon.

The best thing to do is to go behind the soldier, and hope that he dies in order you you to acquire the SPAS-12.

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