Mega Man X DiVE – Last Chance Guide to Getting Every Achievement

A straight guide to getting all the achievements from Mega Man X DiVE within two weeks.

How to Get All Achievements

Getting Started

So when you first start up the game, you will be automatically placed in one of the area channels. These channels are all considered separate saves, so if you go to a different channel you never went to, you will actually be starting up a new save. For simplicity purposes, go ahead and change your channel to “Ch 1 X” or “Ch 2 Zero” if “Ch 1 X” is not available.

You will then set up your name and start the game. You will soon play the first stage Highway 1-1.

Go ahead and play the tutorial stage if this is your first time. Otherwise, you can skip it immediately.

The game will then download the rest of the content, and you will eventually be forced to play through Highway 1-2 after some hand holding by the game.

Every time something new gets unlocked, the game will automatically force you to go through a tutorial that explains that function. Eventually, the game will stop holding your hand and let you do things on your own. Level 50 is the last time the game tells you what to do.

Anyways after Highway 1-2, you will be given control and be allowed to explore the main hub area.

In the next section, I will list off all you need to get the achievements.

Quick Essential Content List

I’m going to go ahead and list all the essential content that you will likely need to potentially get all the story achievements plus the rest of the achievements.

  • One great 5 star S rank character to focus all your resources on.
  • At least two S rank weapons that you will bring with you for a majority of your run.
  • Attack and HP upgraded to level 10 for the two weapons.
  • At least one melee weapon for specific situations.
  • Three cards equipped on your character to increase their strength (Batton cards are the best if you do get them).
  • Sting Chameleon and Gigantic Mechaniloid chips to reduce damage taken.
  • Sub Tank and Crescent Shot skills equipped on your weapons.
  • 500 em to setup a guild to use the energy pillar.
  • 1000 em to boost power level for DiVE Trigger skills.
  • As much EM and memories you can save specifically for your character and weapons.
  • A total power level of at least 200 for DiVE Trigger skills.
  • Up to two weeks of time spent completing dallies.
  • Reach level 50 at minimum to unlock all primary content.
  • Reach at least level 70 to have an easier time beating the story.
  • Have 250,000 total power at minimum to have an easier time beating the bosses.
  • At least 30 or more Reorganization Program Chips to have an easier time beating the story stages.
  • The best equipment equipped on your character at your current level (ignore the stars).
  • Weapons, chips, cards, character, and equipment leveled up to your current level.
  • Rank two Extraordinary Mortar for the shield.
  • One person you can beat in PVP (you can ask for help on this one).

If you can do all that, you can potentially get every achievement within two weeks. In the next section, I will explain what you need to do to have a decent time getting every story achievement in this game.

Character and Weapon Building

So early on, you will want to choose one S rank character, and two S rank weapons you will want to always use to beat the story. I strongly recommend a S rank character that can efficiently heal or a character that can quickly kill bosses as bosses will typically be your main roadblocks for this challenge.

This game now allows you to buy some of the S rank characters and weapons, and you should buy the S rank character you want to use immediately.

It is important to max out your character as early as possible, so that you will start out strong as close to beginning as possible. You do start off having an easy time in the early levels, but eventually the enemies toughen up in later levels. Enemies can potentially kill you in three hits, and bosses will take forever to kill in the late levels.

As soon as you have a character you want to use, don’t focus on any other character. Sell any other character’s spare memories you will not use, and use those memories to invest in your character. You will want to use as many EMs and memories on your character as possible.

You want your S rank character to reach 5 stars, and you should do that before spending EM on S rank weapons. Once you get your S rank character to 5 stars, you will want to invest your EMs and
character memories into DNA skills once that gets unlocked at level 50.

After you get your character to 4 to 5 stars, you should consider buying a good S rank weapon you will use during levels. The game does reward you S rank weapons, like the Extraordinary Mortar, just from playing the game, but it is helpful getting one other weapon for general purposes.

To have an easier time getting the achievements, you will want to get as many resources as you need, increase your level as high as you can per day, and build up your total powers high as possible. I already provided a list of the things you need in the previous section. You will figure out all that this game has to offer by the time you reach level 50. The game is actually really generous with resources early, so you will get to level 50 pretty quickly.

Here is a quick run down on the EM you need to max out your characters and weapons:

  • 1,200 ems are needed to unlock a character and weapon.
  • 9,900 ems are needed to fully 5 star a character and weapon.
  • 3,600 ems are needed to get all the primary DNA skills on one 5 star rank character.
  • 1,200 to 1,600 ems are enough to buy a skin that boosts stats on specific characters like Cinnamon.

Consider spending EM on these too

  • 500 em for a guild to use the energy pillar.
  • 1000 em to upgrade the DiVE Trigger Skills.
  • 50 em for 10 Reorganization Chips (restocks every week).

If you want to save EM, or you don’t have enough EM, you can use memories instead. You can get memories selling specific memories you don’t need. You can also get memories pulling on the free banners.

The next section I will talk about how I got the story achievements using Cinnamon, Ultimate Blast, and Extraordinary Mortar as my primary build.

Cinnamon, Ultimate Blast, and Extraordinary Mortar

So for this run, I chose Cinnamon, since she is one of the best healers in the game, and the game rewards things that make her easier to get early on. I also wanted to reduce using Reorganization Chips against bosses as well.In order to take advantage of shields and healing, I needed to quickly get her to 4 stars. I immediately bought her using EMs, then I spent as many EMs and memories I can get to rank her up quickly.

Once she gets to four stars, she can tank hits that would normally kill other characters quickly. After getting her to four stars, I bought the Ultimate Blast weapon to boost my attack power. I also ranked up my Extraordinary Mortar to rank 2 to take advantage of the shield.

Here is the strategy came up for using her. I either use Angel Aura equipped with healing to put up a shield immediately, or I use it after I get hit once to heal up what I just lost. Then, I immediately use all my Syringes on the nearest enemy to recharge the hearts lost from healing. I always need two hearts to heal, so I want to keep my heart counter as high as I can. If I lose my shield before I can use Angel Aura again, I will equip Extraordinary Mortar for a backup shield until Angel Aura recharges.

I have Sub Tank equipped just in case I need a quick burst of healing before the stage ends, or I am about to die. I have Crescent Shot equipped to either defeat large groups of enemies or to defeat the bosses more quickly.

I make sure to boost the attack and HP on my weapons, since those are the two most useful stats for Cinnamon. I usually will reset a level to save my Reorganization Chips, but for certain circumstances, I will use those chips to help me beat certain bosses.

Despite all this, due to being underpowered in later levels, I can still die to enemies pretty fast if I don’t have some form of defense up. Cinnamon is also pretty helpless if enemies and projectiles surround her on all sides before Angel Aura fully recharges, especially if she manages to get stunned. I still died to specific bosses, because some bosses manage to quickly contact Cinnamon enough to break her shield quickly. While, I did had to use Reorganization Chips on occasion, it is still significantly less than if I use a character that does not have built in healing skills.

Overall, I had an easier time on levels using Cinnamon once I got the skills I want to use on her, but I still had to be careful not to get too reckless on levels.


I got pretty much all other achievements just from trying to get the story achievements. The ranked PVP achievement ended up being my last achievement. I decided to wait out for someone to fight against, and eventually lucked out on beating a new player in ranked mode.

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