Medieval Dynasty – Official FAQ (The Co-Op Mode Update)

Frequently Asked Questions

How big is the new map? What does it look like? Which biomes does it feature?

The size of the map is the same, but it has many more interesting things that we added after feedback from close beta players.

Is there a new story arc? How does it relate to the valley story? Are we playing Racimir? Or a new person?

The story in the new map is independent from that in the single player version.

How do the maps connect with each other? Do I zone somewhere on the map, or are the map separate entities (Start new map from menu)?

The maps are two separate game zones. You can’t travel between them in the game.

Will the update have a price tag (paid DLC)?

The cooperation mode will be introduced in the form of an update to the game, making it completely free.

I cannot play a customized character on the old map, can I?

At the moment, character customization is only available on the new map.

Will there be an open beta?

We are not planning an open beta, the game was tested in a closed beta and we want to make it available to everyone on December 7.

How many players in co-op?

Up to 4 players will be able to play in the cooperation mode

Are there different complexions for the skin? Big beards? Will you add more customizations later on? Will beards grow after time?

We plan to introduce the possibility of minor character customization.

Will there be a pedigree for the villagers?

Just like in the singleplayer version, it is available in the management menu.

Will there be new professions / New buildings?

There will be more options for customizing your settlement.

Will there be new game mechanics?

Yes, there will be some new mechanics in the game, but we will inform you about them in posts and news on an ongoing basis.

Compared to the original map/story/game what is different aside from the announced things?

The purpose of our beta testing with players was to incorporate their feedback, and as a result, the new map is significantly more expansive and designed.

Will you fix/address some long-standing items like font size scaling?

A new UI will appear in the update.

Will the game have a higher building cap now?

At this moment, the quantity limit remains unchanged.

How will death be handled in co-op? If one of your friends dies, can you revive them?

When you die in COOP, your character will be resurrected.

Are there dedicated servers?


Will everyone share the same village or do we have multiple villages for every player?

At the moment, everyone shares one village, the host gives permissions to other players.

If the session host leaves the game, what will happen? Who creates saves?

The game is saved by the host, when the host leaves, the server turns off.

Is a player’s profile saved to the game?


Can you hurt or kill your fellow player (friendly fire)?

If the player wants to set friendly fire in the settings, then yes, if not, then no.

If a female character gets an heir, will she have a stay-at-home husband?


Will there be new achievements especially for co-op? What about a player’s perfect game achievement score?

We will not be adding new game achievements in the new update.

How will time pass in co-op, talking about sleeping!

Everyone has to go to bed and only then is your time skipped.

Matchmaking for co-op – friends only, invite only, free?

You will be able to play cooperative mode with your friends by inviting them to play.

How do customizations work in co-op? Can/does the host set them for everyone or can everyone do that on their own?

The host decides everything.

Will xp and quests be shared among players? How do you share quests?

Everyone shares quests by default, all players get the same amount of XP for each quest.

For other activities related to gaining EXP, it will be allocated individually.

Are there more decorations?

Yes, we are preparing a new set of decorations for players.

Can we play locally or only online?

If the question refers to split screen – then no.

If i start a game solo..can i invite friends later during the dynasty, and vice versa?

Yes, if they are playing on the Oxbow map. But if they are playing in the offline mode, they have to save the game first and use that save in the Online mode.

What happens if 1 out of 4 players is not online for a few seasons? Is the player then “physically” present and asleep?

They will not be visible and they will not age while being offline

Will there be problems if players are not online for a while and others continue to progress?


Families between players possible?

Not announced yet

If the rumor is true that the character creator is only available in co-op mode?

Yes, not a rumor, it will be only in the Oxbow

Will female have different clothing options?

There will be female version of current clothing

Will there be crossplay?

Not announced yet.

With multiple people playing together, gathering resources and building will be a lot faster. Will anything be done to mitigate this (like needing more resources than right now on the current map) and will this have an impact on solo players?

  • The economy of game has been changed overall, affecting both maps (Valley and Oxbow). Some tactics are now less efficient, especially those focused on creating a massive quantity of basic products like stone knives or clay cups. Stone tools are also much less efficient than before (this applies to single player as well). To compensate for this, the village can now produce copper much faster (starting at the Excavation Hut stage).
  • In the future, difficulty scaling dependent on the number of players may be added (e.g., in the form of higher taxes), but for now, we want to encourage players to play together, so naturally, gameplay with four people is intended to be easier, faster, and more enjoyable. The only thing that required weakening in co-op mode are abilities that affect the entire village, such as lowering taxes and needed supplies. These abilities scale less effectively in co-op mode.
  • As for combat, a similar approach to the Valley map has been applied here – walking on roads is relatively safe, but in the wilderness, there is a high risk of encountering bandits and aggressive animals. This is more noticeable in Oxbow because the distances between settlements are much greater. Players taking shortcuts must consider significant risks. The change has affected the behaviour of animals in combat; now, they are much more mobile, making it harder to hit them when they are close. Nevertheless, hunting is worthwhile because the amount of meat, fur, and leather they leave behind is substantial. Hunting is now the best initial method for acquiring resources for trade – players take the risk of death for the opportunity to obtain a significant number of valuable resources.
  • Players who prefer a more relaxed gameplay experience will always have the option to weaken animal and bandit statistics.

If everyone builds the entire village together, then who’s gonna be the village leader? Someone needs to keep pace on the entire management structure.. Or there’ll be up to 4 village leaders? Maybe the host will become one?

Everyone will be able to manage the village, but only 1 person at a time.

How does the entire village management structure work if there will be 4 completely different individuals?

This is one of the goals of coop, for players to get along with each other.

What is the general situation regarding marriage/family formation in the Co-Op? So what options are there? Can each player play a man and marry his own wife?

Everyone can marry their wife/husband of the opposite sex and at launch this option will only be available with an NPC.

Can each player play a woman and then court a man?


Can you play mixed genders and then (without much persuasive acting) marry each other and have children?

Only NPCs of the opposite sex.

One important thing I was wondering: Will two human players be able to get married together and have their own child?

Not for the co-op premiere.

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