Juno: New Origins – Beginner Rocket Stage Building

It’s a short guide explaining how to size a stage when building a rocket.

Tips for Sizing Your Stage

Note: Credit goes to [BLK] Telu

If you left the tutorial, you will feel like me, struggling to being able to size your stage correctly.

For this, you need two stats to look for:

  • TWR: Thrust to Weight Ratio
  • Δv: DeltaV

In the builder, just stick an engine under a fuel tank and select it to see both stats (TWR + Δv)

Delta V

For the DeltaV, it’s pretty simple, you just need to find it in the picture below:

Let’s say we want to go in low orbit of Droo. It mean, than our stage need 4 km/s of Δv.

Thrust to Weight Ratio

It’s the ratio between thrust and Weight.

The rule of thumb for learning the basics is:

  • On a planet, your initial TWR (Tank full) need to be > 1.5
  • In space, your initial TWR (Tank full) need to be > 0.75

Note: As the tank is emptying, your TWR should rise up since the weight is reduce for the same thrust.

Building a Simple Rocket to Droo Low Orbit

So, let’s say than we are launching a rocket from Droo. We need 4 km/s of Δv and a TWR of 1.5.

It mean than we need to size up our fuel tank to reach a Δv of 4 Km/s.

And we need to choose an engine powerful enough to get a TWR of 1.5.

Note: You can add multiple engine under the fuel tank to be able to reach that Δv and TWR requirements.

Let’s build a rocket with the basic piece from the tutorial.

For this example, the payload weight 11,4 Kg.

So, with the payload of the tutorial, to reach our goal, we need to put:

  • 7 Goblin Solid Motor
  • 1 solid fuel tank who have a mass of 235kg and an explosive power of 4700 approx

Normally, with this stage, you should be able to reach low orbit.

Note: As you can see below, when the tank is empty, the ending TWR is about > 28x

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