Resident Evil 2 – Sewers Chess Plugs Puzzle Solution

Resident Evil 2 - Sewers Chess Plugs Puzzle Solution
Resident Evil 2 - Sewers Chess Plugs Puzzle Solution

Resident Evil 2 Remake (2019) – Sewers Chess Plug Puzzle Solution Walkthrough. This guide has all possible solutions Chess Puzzle combinations for 1st and 2nd playthrough, Leon & Claire.

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Sewers Chess Plugs Puzzle Solution (1st & 2nd Playthrough Solution)

This takes place in the Monitor Room of the Sewers.

In first & second playthrough the solutions will be different.

Solution A-Scenario (1st Run):

  • Right Wall = Pawn, Queen, King
  • Left Wall = Bishop, Rook, Knight

Solution B-Scenario (2nd Run):

  • Right Wall = Pawn, Rook, Knight
  • Left Wall = Queen, Bishop, King

Note: Right wall is the one with Pawn sticker on socket, Left Wall is with Knight sticker on socket.

3 Plugs will be in the wall by default. You still need to find the 3 others. 2 are the Queen & King Plug in the Storage room behind the Bottom Waterway (to reach it you must use the T-Bar Handle Valve Key Item on one of the three floodgates, then get through a watery area with lots of poison enemies).

The Rook Plug requires you to take the Workroom Lift, which can be accessed via the Lower Waterway, and using the T-Bar Handle on the floodgate there. After taking the Workroom Lift, exit the Workroom door and the Rook Plug will be in the wall panel in front of you. Then just backtrack to the Monitor room. When you have all the plugs you can solve the puzzle.

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