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Resident Evil 2 - All Endings

Game:   Resident Evil 2  |  Jan 26, 2019   
Resident Evil 2 - All Endings

Every Resident Evil 2 Remake Ending - True Ending, Leon Ending, Claire Ending / Secret Boss Ending.

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All Endings (True Ending / Leon Ending / Claire Ending / Secret Boss)

There are 4 Endings in Resident Evil 2 Remake. Leon A, Leon B, Claire A, Claire B. You have to beat all 4 Scenarios to get all Endings. The True Ending happens on your first B-Scenario Playthrough, doesn't matter which character. It triggers a bonus boss fight at the end.

You unlock the B Scenarios by having beaten the game once with either character. Doing Leon A unlocks Claire B. Doing Claire A unlocks Leon B.

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