Resident Evil 2 – Claire Weapon Usage Guide

Resident Evil 2 - Claire Weapon Usage Guide
Resident Evil 2 - Claire Weapon Usage Guide

This guide is intended to help people who struggle with ammo or simply for those who want to kill every enemy in the game.

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Handguns are best utilized for killing zombies, shooting bulbs on ivy monsters or for bosses simply because of availability of handgun ammo in boss areas.


Claire’s starting handgun is a decent weapon that feels like it does more damage per shot than the other handguns in the game (similar to Wesker’s but less than Quickdraw Army). The accuracy, recoil clip size and reload on this gun isn’t that great. The reload can be upgraded to be on par, but is still limited by the magazine size.

SLS60 Reinforced Frame

This allows the SLS to utilize high power rounds. This is Claire’s magnum and is great for shooting zombies in the head. The bullet does penetrate and you can kill multiple zombies at once if you line up their heads. The poor accuracy makes it sub-par for bosses as more often than not, Claire does not have the time to line up for the perfect shot.

  • Pros: it’s your starting weapon, high damage.
  • Cons: poor accuracy, clip size.


The laser pointer on this gun makes it better than Claire’s starting gun. Claire will no longer need to stand still and wait for precise shots. This gun is better against bosses and for shooting bulbs off ivy monsters. With a possible upgraded clip for 26 rounds, this gun is better for hardcore mode as being able to carry more rounds in the gun helps with inventory space.

  • Pros: high clip size, laser accuracy.

Quickdraw Army

This weapon is a powerhouse and does much more damage than Claire’s other handguns.This gun can fire rapidly and is great against bosses and zombies. This gun’s accuracy isn’t that great and has an extremely long reload time.

  • Pros: high damage, high rounds per minute.
  • Cons: longest reload in game.

GM79 (Grenade Launcher)

This gun without the extended stock is pretty inaccurate. Claire can line up a perfect shot and still miss.The impact from this gun is pretty powerful and can stagger most enemies including bosses. (Mr X will usually shrug this off like any other gun.)

Flame Rounds

This is the stronger round of the two in the game. Most of the damage from this round comes from the lingering fire on the ground. Flame rounds can only be picked up.


  • Lickers: When lickers are on the ground and Claire drops a flame round on top of it. One flame round can sometimes kill a licker even on hardcore (recommended to knife the licker on hardcore as sometimes, the flame round doesn’t do enough damage. This is simple as the flame rounds do negligible damage to Claire and the licker is stunned inside the fire. You can also put bout three rounds into the licker with a handgun.)
  • PS: Claire can get a licker on the ground by walking up to them, which triggers the lickers search phase, and lickers will be on the ground sooner or later.
  • Sewer G monster: Two flame rounds with the fire dying out in between can finish off a Sewer monster.
  • Ivy Monsters: This is the the only weapon that can permanently kill an ivy monster. It is high recommended to down an ivy monster first before firing a flame round on it to kill it. This way you only need one round to permanently kill an ivy monster.

Acid Rounds

This round doesn’t do as much damage, but is much more abundant in the game as you can craft it.
You can’t find acid rounds in this game.


  • Zombies: This gun will usually melt the limbs off so you can finish the zombie with a knife when it’s on the ground. It is not recommended to use Acid rounds alone to kill zombies.
  • Bosses: This can stun lock most bosses if you don’t fire as soon as it’s reloaded.
  • Sewer G monsters: It takes about four rounds to kill a sewer monster.

MQ11 (Submachine Gun)

The SMG has decent damage and high fire rate.


  • Bosses: This gun is great for dealing damage and that makes it amazing for killing bosses.
  • Dogs: These things move fast and the area where there are dogs, there’s also SMG ammo.
  • Zombies: The smg isn’t that great for killing zombies but it’s amazing for kneecapping them so you can finish them with your knife.

Spark Shot

This gun requires you to charge up fully(holding the aiming button) in order for it to be good. Otherwise you can use it as a stun gun to run pass enemies. As this gun requires you to charge in order to achieve full damage, it’s not recommended for bosses.


  • Lickers: This gun can one shot lickers (only tested with enhancement but very likely to kill it without) It’s also silent so you can kill lickers one at a time.
  • Zombies: A fully charged shot can kill a licker, so it’s also good for zombies. The targeted zombie can slightly stun other zombies touching it.
  • Sewer monster: This can one shot sewer monsters if you shoot them in the eye. However, this requires the eye to be revealed.


There’s not much to say about this gun besides that it’s really strong. You get this gun at the end for G4. You can kill G4 with just the minigun on hardcore if you land every shot on his eyeballs. You can also knock him down when he’s climbing if you pop enough of his eyeballs.

If you have the infinite version of this weapon. You probably aren’t reading this guide.

Secondary Items

Defensive items are always better utilized offensively than defensively. The only good reason to use these items defensively is if you are running low on healing items or you got hit by an instant kill grab (Ivy Monsters, Mr. X)


Defensively, you can use the knife 2-3 times before it breaks. Offensively, you can get about 50 slashes in on hardcore.

The knife is probably the best weapon in the game and you can kill so many zombies with it.
It is recommended to down a zombie and knife them from behind.
It is possible to knife a licker to death via stun lock per slash when they are on the ground. Be aware that lickers can jump backwards and escape your knife stun lock.
It also does a lot of damage against bosses if you can find the opportunity to use it.


Grenades are best utilized against bosses as they do an insane amount of damage. it’s highly effective against birkin (except the crane battle as you need to use the crane to finish him).
If you can hit at least three zombies with a grenade, it is recommended to do so.

Flash Bangs

Flash bangs do no damage but it’s great for stunning enemies like Mr X, Birkin or Lickers(especially crane battle).

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