Shiver – Full Walkthrough and All Achievements

Shiver - Full Walkthrough and All Achievements
Shiver - Full Walkthrough and All Achievements

This guide explain the exact steps to complete the games as soon as possible and get all achievements in a single walkthrough.



  • Take cigarettes and combine it with your lighter in your inventory (move mouse to the top of the screen to see inventory) NEVER DO THIS AGAIN, else you will miss an achievement.
  • Open glove box, take the coupon and the casette from there.
  • Interact with air freshenere.
  • Interact with the speedometer.
  • Wait for the car crash.

Achievement Unlock: Welcome to Windy Oaks (storyline, cant miss)

  • Pick up rock and use it to break windshield, then go outside.

Surface Area

  • Go left then continue to left/forward.
  • Go up the stairs (right).
  • Go left to behind the building.
  • Pick up the hatchet.
  • Open the panel of the small building and take the rubber hose.
  • Interact with the generator, its out of gas.
  • Walk back twice, use the hatchet on the damaged tree.
  • Orange item will fall down, examine it, you will get a key.
  • Move to the rigth, up the stairs back to the visitor center. 
  • Unlock visitor center with the key.
  • Enter visitor center, pick up water bottle and check the notes.
  • Move forward to the backroom.
  • Pick up vodka bottle.
  • Return to your car.
  • Use rubber hose on the gas tank of your car, then use empty bottle on it.
  • Head back to the generator, use gasoline.
  • Keep starting generator until it works.

Achievement Unlock: Zeus (storyline, cant miss)

  • If you return to backroom now you can see that you need a key card to enter next room.
  • Go back where you cut out damaged tree and move to left, where you should find a large oak tree.
  • Follow the path and enter the mine.


  • Read not if you wish, then pick up lantern, combine it with lighter in inventory.
  • Press red button, enter lift.

Achievement Unlock: Downward Spiral (storyline, cant miss)

  • Go forward and pick up the beer can.


  • This area should have a no smoking sign. 
  • Use lighter on cigarettes in your inventory.

Achievement Unlock: Underground Rebel (missable)

  • Repeat it 5 more times.

Achievement Unlock: Chain-Smoker (missable) 


  • Enter room to the right.
  • Read the sign-note to get knowledge about thermite.
  • Use the beer can in the coffee grinder. Reward: aluminium dust.
  • Look in the hole, located on the wall and take the screwdriver and try to avoid getting heart attack.
  • Use your hatchet on the mine cart to get some iron oxide.
  • Combine iron oxide and aluminium dust in your inventory to get thermite (but you know this already if you watched big bang theory s09e03).
  • Use your hatchet on the mole.

Achievement Unlock: Whack-a-mole (missable)

  • Go back once then forward.
  • Remove tapes, inspect lock, use thermite on it and then the lighter.

Achievement Unlock: Clever Solution (storyline, cant miss)

  • Zoom out then open the door and enter.
  • Tunnel labyrith tour: right, left, right, straight and left.
  • Pick up the pickaxe.
  • Enter red chamber to the right.
  • Search the clothes (located on the wall) to get a keycard.
  • Back out twice, after that you can go to any direction, you should end up at the elevator anyway after 5-7 moves.
  • Return to the spot where you used thermite.
  • Use the pickaxe on the wall (bricks) to your right.
  • Enter the hole.
  • Move forward until you reach the bars, use the screwdriver and move out.

Achievement Unlock: Fresh Air (storyline, cant miss)


  • Return to back room inside the visitor center.
  • Use keycard on reeder, enter next room.
  • Read the notes, solution for radio listed there.
  • Pick up fireworks from the shelf.
  • Examine radio.
  • Set the dials to (from left to right): L, W, T.
  • On the right side of radion there are 4 panels what you can light up to change frequency to the marked one. you need to light up the 2 bottom ones. 
  • Power on the raido

Achievement Unlock: Mayday (storyline, cant miss).

  • Go back to you car then move to left.
  • Move to right, you will see the monster so you pushed back automatically to your previous location.
  • Return to your car again, use firecrackers on your car, then use the lighter on it.
  • Move left then rigth, the location with the toilet where you seen the monster few moments ago.
  • Follow the path to the next zone.
  • Place the roman candle in the snow, use the lighter on it.

Achievement Unlock: Goodby Windy Oaks (storyline, cant miss)

If you never used cigarettes other than at the very beginning and saved and loaded at the mine to get the missables.

Achievement Unlock: I Quit (missable)

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