Warframe – How to Make Platinum

Warframe - How to Make Platinum
Warframe - How to Make Platinum

Are you having issues progressing because you don’t have enough plat for weapon slots, warframe slots, etc.? Do you have everything you want but cant afford the expensive cosmetics to slay the solar system in style? Or do you have a burning desire to fill your greedy pockets with endless plat? Well if any of these apply to you, you came to the right place and I’m willing to teach you how to use tools and social engineering to snag deals and make sales, flipping and earning massive amounts of plat relatively quickly. I made this guide because a lot of people I talk to seem to be discouraged about playing because they can’t seem to progress as quickly as they’d like due to a lack of plat. So this is my solution and hopefully I can help those of you that are in that situation.

How to Trade

If you’re a veteran player or have made trades before, disregard this section. This is for newer players who have no idea how to trade.

So new guy, welcome to Warframe. As you’ve seen, an aspect about the game that might’ve turned you off is the in game currency, plat. While most Free 2 Play games have in game currency which turn the game into a Pay 2 Win, Warframe has the most fair market and the many opportunities for you to earn it. This all relies on trading. If you’ve never traded before, here is how you do it.

  • Step 1) Get to Mastery Rank 2. This will give you the ability to trade and earn you 2 trades per day. As you get to higher mastery levels you earn more trades per day. Believe me, you’ll need them. So knock out those first 15 or so mastery ranks. They’re relatively easy and it’ll go by fast. 
  • Step 2) Join a clan. Being in a clan gives you many opportunities. It gives you access to help as some people may be at the same level as you in the game and can help you grind. It also gives you access to weapons and warframes you can only get from the dojo as well as the most important part: Your trading post 
  • Step 3) Go to trade chat. 
  • Step 4) Whenever you have an item you want to sell or buy, you can use trade chat to post it. Pro tip: Put items in brackets to link it. Also trade chat has a few acronyms you need to know: WTB = Want to Buy/ WTT = Want to Trade/ WTS = Want to Sell. So lets say you get a message from a guy named Legend47 after saying, “WTS [Nova Prime Chassis]” and he offers you 50p. 
  • Step 5) If you like what he offered, accept his deal and ask him, “Wanna trade in my dojo or yours?” 
  • Step 6) If he says his, just wait for an invite and accept it. If he says yours, go to your dojo and invite him once you get there by right clicking his name and hitting invite. 
  • Step 7) Once he arrives, go to your trading post, press X, and click his name. This will send a trade request. 
  • Step 8) Now that hes accepted it, find your Nova Prime Chassis and put it into your side of the trade. Verify he entered the correct amount of plat and accept the deal. 
  • Step 9) Enjoy your plat.


There are a couple places where you can post, price check and even browse items being sold.

  • 1) Trade chat: Pretty straight forward. Everyone spams endless WTS/WTT/WTB requests all day long til they get a response. Trade chat gives you generally the best opportunity for amazing deals from people who don’t have any idea what something is worth, as well as a live location for you to make the most out of your items. 
  • 2) Warframe Forums Trading Post: While this is generally filled with “Riven Emporium” idiots selling grossly overpriced rivens, it is also an option for you to diversify the places where you’re selling things. Just make a post and wait for messages. 
  • 3) Warframe.Market: This website allows you to get a general gist of the price of certain things or see how common certain prime parts are. Pay attention to the buyer tab, not the seller tab when price checking. The market is ran by buyers, not sellers. If an item is 1-5p, its probably pretty common and you shouldn’t waste your time trying to sell it because everyone has it. Just turn it into ducats. Now say you have some pretty expensive prime parts like say the Spira Prime Blade, you can list this on the website and play the game as you usually would. When someone is interested they will message you in game, cutting out the annoying waiting periods you get from trade chat. This is the laziest method but it does work. 
  • 4) Riven.Market: This website allows you to list and find exact rivens you want. The real money in game comes from rivens so make sure you remember this website. Its a core aspect to riven trading. 
  • 5) Folren’s Riven Epicness Discord Server: This discord server allows you to price check rivens with a bot as well as post them in a trading channel just like the other methods. 
  • 6) WarTrade – Black Market Discord Server: This discord server is another method of post and forget trading but applies to more than just rivens like Folren’s server. You can sell just about anything here.

Psychological Aspect

As you’ll learn or have learned, people can be real d!cks sometimes. Its best to just not respond to people like this. Try to avoid ignoring people unless they’re legitimately harrassing you, as thats a potential future customer you just lost. That guy you ignored 3 days ago could be the only guy interested in buying something you’ve been trying to sell all day today. Also, chill out when someone sends you a low ball offer or a rude comment. ALWAYS counter offer. If they say no, something rude or dont respond, just carry on. Its not worth your time and its only going to discourage you if you reply.

When making your WTS posts in trade chat, I’d recommend leaving your price out of your post. This forces people to talk to you to get a price. But don’t give them a price. Always respond with, “Im not sure. Offer?” This forces them to lead the deal if they want the item and if they offer too low they know they wont get it. Then you hit them with the counter offer if you think its too low. Serious buyers will likely take the counter offer while the less serious buyers will just stop talking. If you have a very expensive item and you’re advertising it as such, you’ll be seen as a scammer in the eyes of most people and they won’t even bother talking to you. But if you say you’re selling a Riven with +CC/CD/MS/-Zoom, you’re going to get a lot of bites. Some of them might actually be higher than what you were wanting. This can lead to you starting an auction between 2 or 3 people in a forum post or the dojo. Doing this will exponentially increase your earnings.

From my over 4 years of trading experience, I’ve learned that typically anyone above MR20 will either price gouge or low ball the majority of the time. Stay mindful of that as not everyone will act this way but a lot of them will. Typically people around MR16 and down are more fair buyers and sellers. They will sell expensive items for cheap out of desperation or ignorance and buy lesser items for more for the same reasons. Exploit this and you’ll always get what you want. That being said, when selling, keep the price you want that item to be sold for in the front of your mind. Never forget it and aggressively persue it but be willing to negotiate if no one bites, as well as give every potential buyer a counter offer. If you are trying to sell an item for 100p and you get a message for 75p, tell the guy 90p and he’ll likely accept the deal.

For more expensive items like rivens worth over 1000p, be humble and patient. The buyers are generally cautious people as they don’t want their money to go to waste. Attempt to befriend them and carry on a conversation. Try to get side tracked for a few minutes so they person lowers their guard and trusts you. If done successfully, you can generally get more for rivens than you were even expecting and you will sell them a lot more consistently. For example, I had a half decent Lanka riven that I sold for 8500p when I was only trying to sell it for 6k. All I had to do was talk to the guy, play a couple games with him and soon after that I reminded him of the fact I had the Lanka riven and he offered 8500p. Its not too difficult and for $400 worth of plat, an hour of your time is good investment. Just remember that not everyone will fall for this and sometimes you may waste your time but when it is sold, you won’t regret it.

How to Make Small Amounts Quickly

This method I wish was around when I first started playing and it seems a lot of people forget its an option. When Baro’s here and the ducat grind begins, that’s the best time to hop into some relic missions. Bring relics you don’t really care about as the random people you’re queuing with will likely be going for higher end prime items for more ducats. Or bring a couple friends and run radiant runs for specific prime items you chose to be the highest prices for the time invested. I generally go for things that are 20p or above. If its below that, I sell it for ducats. That being said, once you start raking in these items, go to Warframe.Market and find the highest bidder on the buyer tab and message them in game. If they respond, you just secured a quick and easy trade with minimal effort and got enough for say a couple potatos or a couple slots.


This is my personal favorite method of trading and I do this regularly. Flipping is buying something for cheap and selling it for more than you bought it for, potentially doubling or tripling your profit. This works extremely well for high end rivens, exclusive mods/weapons and entire prime sets. Because rivens have the biggest risk to reward, I’ll save that for last.

1) Exclusive Mods/Weapons: This is a fairly simple method. When an event drops or say Baro releases a new Prisma/Wraith weapon, quickly buy as many of them as you can for as cheap as physically possible. Though you won’t make a return for quite a while, the plat you earn will be fairly nice. Be careful when doing this strategy as some items may actually be so commonly earned from events that after the event is over they’re sold for practically nothing… I learned that from experience when I bought 14 sets of Gorgon Wraiths and they’re still in my inventory yet no one wants them. But say you get a nice mod like when the dual stat mods first came out, if you wait approximately 4-5 months after your purchase, the prices will have literally quadrupled. Around this time is the optimal time to sell in my opinion because DE might put those mods into Baro’s rotation and immedietely derail your operation. You need to liquidize your stash before you’re struggling to even give them out for free. Don’t wait longer than you need to, to earn more if you can use the money you earn now for more money later. Think of it kinda like flipping a paperclip for a pen and working your way to a car.

2) Entire Prime Sets: I’m going to split this one into 3 sections.

  • When new primes come out, the prices that they are sold for day 1 are ridiculous to say the least. But its actually worth it to stay on trade chat for the first 2 or so days and snag individual components one by one and sell them all in sets as soon as you complete it. Make sure you do a little math first and figure out what you’re willing to pay for each part. When someone is selling it within your price range, buy it immedietely!
  • Another similar method involves buying entire sets of popular warframes like Ember Prime, Frost Prime and Rhino Prime while they are cheap, waiting 6 months after they’re vaulted and sell all of the sets for around 400p each. This is a very effective method of earning large amounts of plat in one go but it takes roughly a year before you get your turn around.
  • Another lesser known method is to check Warframe.Market for set prices on warframes or weapons from the buyers tab. Then go price check the individual components from the seller tab. Meticulously scan through and find sets that are cheaper to buy individually but more expensive to sell in sets. This method is an almost instant turn around with potential for high turn arounds. You can also buy each individual component from trade chat if the sellers are too pricey but this will take a bit longer. Keep this method in the back of your mind when you’re desperate for quick plat as it works very well.

3) Rivens: Here comes the big money maker. Now there are 2 ways you can do riven flipping.

  • You can buy popular trash rivens for weapons like the Lanka, Akjagara, Rubico or Gram for as low as 200-300p, go kuva farming for a while and reroll them until they’re worth well over 1000p or more and then proceed to sell them.
  • Or you can use all of your tools to find a good price for an extremely powerful riven for the most popular weapons. Once found, purchase it and double the price. Remember that Lanka riven I sold for 8500p? I bought that for 3000p. I more than doubled my profit in that scenario. Make sure when you’re selling them you post them on Riven.Market, the warframe forums trading post, and both discord servers as well as trade chat in game. Diversify your riven so more eyes see your riven than necessary. Key things to pay attention to are the hype for certain rivens, what stats are required for certain prices and when DE is going to nerf certain riven dispositions or weapons. If you balance all of those, you can make thousands of plat a week doing this. Remember that riven prices are subjective though and only you set the price. Everyone is going to have something different which can make yours worth more or less than someone elses.

Riding The Hype

This is sort of a continuation and a recap of the flipping section. If you want to maximize your earnings, pay attention to the meta as well as DE’s upcoming updates and hotfixes. A lot of the time, this comes with buffs or nerfs for specific weapons that are used too often in their eyes or do too much damage. So for example, before the Lanka’s disposition nerf the rivens were worth a bit more than they are now. I knew that was coming from reading the forums and watching videos on the topic. I then stopped investing in Lanka rivens and sold all of them I had for as high as I could get for them and kept the one I use. Then I switched my market toward Rubico and Gram rivens because they hold a similar profit for a similar cost. Just be willing to liquidize your entire stash on short notice when things are going south. When you hear a new prime weapon is coming out, chances are the hype for that guns riven is going to be astronomical. Start investing in them and tailor it around the leaked stats. Wait for launch day and sell them day of for large amounts of plat.

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