Warframe – Sleds of Sunshine Guide

Blitz your way to sledding success!

Let’s Go Sledding

Sleds of Sunshine is a challenge that requires you to slide 500 meters on the Plains of Eidolon, something far more difficult to do now that the terrain has been upset by the New War.

While many of the classic ways to cheese this achievement have been removed, there is still a relatively straightforward method that you can use.

What You Need

  • Titania (Regular or Prime)
  • The Razorwing Blitz

Titania is one of, if not the, fastest frames in the game, and the Razorwing Blitz augment cements it. This is acquired from the New Loka or Red Veil syndicates, but can also be traded from other players.

Along with the Blitz augment, you’ll want to use whatever power strength mods you have to boost the Razorwing skill further.

Gotta Go Fast

The achievement requires 500 meters of horizontal movement while sliding, but you don’t necessarily need to be on the ground. With our zippy little bug, it should be no problem to build up the speed you need.

  • Cast Razorwing.
  • Fly to the ceiling of the Plains.
  • Cast several more abilities to stack the +25% speed buffs from Blitz.
  • Begin flying forward.
  • Recast Razorwing to revert to normal size and begin falling.
  • Extend your delicate tootsies and jumpkick your way across the entire map!

Good luck, Tenno!

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