Pizza Tower – A Guide to P-Ranking the Noise

With this guide, you can P-Rank the Noise easily and get the achievement for doing so.

How to P-Ranking the Noise

Note: Credit goes to Diamond1O1


Hello, it seems you are an achievement hunter, or you really want to get the dark chef clothing for Peppino, but you are having trouble with P-ranking the Noise. Well then, this guide is just what you need with some epic epic tips and tricks.

Intro to the Fight

You will need 150 in game dollars to buy the boss gate for the noise, as you likely already know. However, in the start of the fight there is a small beginning cutscene. During this cutscene, you want to

Mash your attack button as much as you can

Because of the Noise’s vulnerability at the very start of the fight. The reason you need to mash the attack button is because his start-of-fight vulnerability does not last long, and pressing it at the wrong time could mess up the whole P-rank (since contact damage exists, and he likely will do an attack immediately, which will make you take damage. To get this P-rank, you are trying NOT to get hit AT ALL).

If you pressed the button at the right time, the Noise will take damage, meaning one less time you have to hit him to reach phase 2, and i’ll get to that soon enough.

Attacks (Phase 1)

In the first phase, he has a variety of attacks. However, I am too lazy to put screenshots or anything like that so I will have to describe how to dodge his attacks without images.


The Noise will appear on one side of the arena and bring out a skateboard. He will move across the screen, and you have to jump to avoid it. However, he will move back across the screen the way he came, but this time, DON’T jump, as the Noise will jump, and jumping this time will result in taking damage. Then, he will stop, and become vulnerable. This is your time to attack, so mach run to him and punch him in the face.


The Noise will jump up, and launch himself at you with a jetpack. Jump once he charges, not before he charges, otherwise, he’ll hit you while you’re in the air. Then, he’ll bounce around and eventually stop when he reaches the middle of the arena. This is your time to attack, so run to him and punch him in the face.

Tip: When he bounces around, stay on the ground. Jumping will result in taking damage, which is what you don’t want.

Hot air balloon with an extra side of explosives

The Noise will hop into his hot air balloon and float up. He will try to fly above you so he can throw bombs at you from above. Parry them by pressing the taunt button, and you better not mess up, because you have to time it well or else it’s not going to work. His first time doing this attack, he will only throw one bomb. Every time after this he will throw two bombs. Parry them both. After throwing the bombs, he will jump down himself, where he will become vulnerable. This is your time to attack, so run to him and punch him in the face.


The Noise will get onto his pogo stick and bounce around. Don’t jump. Also, beware if he throws bombs here. Parry the bombs as always. If they are far away, and then they just bounced to you and are about to explode, dash away. Just hope the Noise is on the other side of the arena when this happens, and you’ll be fine. After a few bounces, he’ll become vulnerable. This is your time to attack, so run to him and punch him in the face.

Attacks (Phase 2)

Skatebored, part 2

The exact same as the first one, except you need to jump one more time as the Noise will throw his skateboard at you, and if you get hit by it, you won’t take damage, but you will be sent to the other side of the arena. So, jump over his skateboard. He will become vulnerable. This is your time to attack, so run to him and punch him in the face.

Jetpack, part 2

This is literally the exact same as in the first phase, however, you want to keep your distance from his landing position, as his jetpack will explode, and then he will become vulnerable. This is your time to attack, so run to him and punch him in the face.

Hot air balloon with a side of explosives, part 2

Once again, the exact same thing as the first phase attack however, when the Noise comes down, this is a fakeout. Get close to him and then immediately jump away, as there are Noise themed enemies that are spawned throughout the second phase. These act just like fork knights, so you’re going to want to be careful around them.

Pogostick, part 2

The exact same as the first phase attack, but this time at the end he will bring out a massive… dynamite detonator/hydraulic press before become vulnerable. Once he does, run to him and punch him in the face.

Remember how I mentioned those Noise enemies? Well, basically just treat them like fork knights. Only grab and throw them from behind, or jump on top of them and then grab them (and then throw them at the Noise. Throwing the enemies he spawns at him will stun him, so you might want to do this to get the fight over with quicker.).

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