Pizza Tower – Basic Guide to P-Ranking

An easy to understand guide for new users who want to start collecting P-Ranks.


Note: Credit goes to IdklolXDXDXD

So, you’d like to start P-Ranking every level in Pizza Tower? Well… It’s not that simple. But this guide will be here to help you P-Rank every level.

Anyway, what is a P-Rank?

A P-Rank, is essentially the rank that is given for doing absolutely everything you can do in a level. There are a couple requirements in order to P-Rank a level, each are simple to understand.

In order to have a chance at P-Ranking a level, you must

  • Find all 3 secrets
  • Find the tower secret treasure
  • Do lap 2 during escape
  • Keep a combo for the entire duration of the level
  • Have S-Rank requirement before beating the level

All these 5 things also must be done during one run of the level.

So… You find it hard? Don’t worry, I’ll make it easy, so you can get a head start.


This part of the guide will just give tips for all 5 requirements.


In order to get all 3 secrets while keeping a combo, the best tip would be to learn the secret layout by beating the level multiple times with all secrets. Eventually, you’ll learn it very well thus making grabbing the secrets, easy. Sometimes secrets are located during Pizza Time, but it doesn’t really matter as Pizza Time’s timer does not count down in secrets.


To get the tower secret treasure in a level, there are two parts, the door and Gerome. The door to the treasure is usually hidden somewhere secret in a level, it branches off into another room with an collectable you can grab, it grants 3000 points. But to unlock this door, you have to find Gerome as well. He is located somewhere in the level and you have to find him, then go back to the door and unlock it with Gerome. Thus getting you the treasure. Most of the time it’s recommended to grab the treasure during the escape as Gerome is usually located past the door. If he’s before the door, then you can grab him and then head to the door before Pizza Time.


Now for the hardest part… Keeping your combo. There are tons and tons of ways to mess up a combo, such as taking damage, keep tripping in a room and failing to go farther, etc. But I’m gonna try and help. In order to increase your combo, you can kill enemies normally, and kill stupid rats. At Mach 3 you are able to instantly kill enemies if you run through them, which is a good tip. But, enemies and rats don’t just help your combo. Collecting little toppings and clocks (little escape collectables) increases your combo time by a little bit, collecting big toppings and bells (big escape collectables) completely refills your combo timer. Collecting a Toppin also refills your combo timer. There are tons of things to name that refill or keep your combo timer up, but then you’d get bored and click off.

Lap 2

Next requirement is a tricky one. Near the exit door during escape time, if you’ve either completed the level before or completed the tutorial in less than 1m45sec, then you can see a floating pizza labelled “Lap 2″… This makes you redo the escape, without refilling your timer. It’s difficult if you’ve not learned the layout of a level, but it’s a little easier once you do. Lap 2 respawns all clocks, bells and enemies, but also gives a boost of 3000 points as a reward for taking this challenge. Basically, just speed through Lap 2 as fast as possible as well as collecting clocks and bells if you didn’t see that pretty P-Rank appear yet.

S-Rank Requirement

Last but not least, you may have acquired S-Rank in a level, and want to go higher… But if you haven’t, then there is a rank above A-Rank, where you have to get around 20000~ Points in a level to get it. While Toppins aren’t required, they are heavily recommended to grab, as each gives 1000 points, granting 5000 points for grabbing all five. If you just want to S-Rank, then it’s also strongly recommended to get the tower secret treasure (3000 points), all secrets, and Lap 2 (3000 points + all escape collectables respawned). But of course all of these three things are required for P-Ranking.


Here’s an example video I made showcasing me P-Ranking John Gutter. You can use the info on this video to give yourself a head start.

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