Resident Evil 4 – Guide to Steam Deck Settings

With this settings you can play at 30 or 40 FPS.

Steam Deck Settings


  • Update to the latest Stable Version and Proton Experimental / Proton Hotfix as Valve has put fixes for RE4 remake in those.
  • Use Cryoutilities 2 with all recommended tweaks and at least a 12gb swapfile.
  • Set your deck’s Vram to 4gb (shown in video below).
  • It is recommended that you install the game to an SSD if you have it on your deck.

Settings for 30 FPS (Prettier)

  • Use the MANGO 30FPSLOCK.
  • Put this in the launch command options.
MANGOHUD_CONFIG=fps_limit=30,no_display mangohud %command%

This will lock the framerate with better input latency, locking RE4 at 30 with any other method will cause playability issues.


In Game

  • 1280*800
  • 60Hz
  • Variable Framerate (remember Mangohud limits it, leave this alone in-game)
  • Fullscreen
  • Vsync OFF
  • Cinematics Full HD
  • FidelityFX SR2 (FSR 2) Quality
  • FSR 1 NONE
  • Image 100%
  • Rendering Mode: Normal
  • AA Off
  • Textures: High 2GB
  • Filtering: Aniso x4
  • Mesh Quality: High
  • Shadow Quality: Medium
  • Shadow Cache: On
  • Contact Shadows: On
  • AO: SSAO
  • Volumetric Lighting: Medium
  • Particle Lighting: High
  • Bloom: On
  • SSR: On
  • SS Scattering: On
  • Hair Strands: Off
  • Dismemberment: On
  • Persistent Corpses: up to you
  • Corpse Physics: Low
  • Diverse Animations: On
  • Motion Blur: Off
  • Rain: High
  • Terrain Tesselation: Off
  • Destrutctible Enviroments: On
  • Lens Flare: On
  • Lens Distortion: OFF
  • DOF: On
  • RI Lights: High
  • RI Effects: Low

On Display Settings

  • Turn off Chromatic Aberration
  • Set FOV as high as it will go.

Steam Overlay

  • 60Hz
  • Leave the cap at 60 as it comes by default, since it’s not capped from here.
  • Do not enable Allow Tearing
  • Cap TDP at 11w or 12/13 if you have drops.

Settings for 40 FPS (More Responsive)

  • Use the Steam Overlay 40fps lock
  • Set to 40hz
  • Set to 40 Fps
  • Do not allow tearing

You can also try mangohud cap by using this command instead of capping from the steam overlay.

MANGOHUD_CONFIG=fps_limit=30,no_display mangohud %command%

YMMV. On 30 you MUST use mangohud. You can choose a limiter for 40.


In Game

  • Select Preset and Choose the LOWEST PRESET.
  • Now we change these values:
  • 1280*800
  • 60Hz
  • Variable Framerate
  • Fullscreen
  • Vsync OFF
  • Cinematics Full HD
  • FidelityFX SR2 (FSR 2) Balanced
  • AA: TAA
  • Rendering: Normal
  • Textures High 2GB
  • Filtering: Anisotropic x2
  • Contact Shadows: On
  • Lens Distortion: OFF
  • DOF: On
  • Destructible Enviroments: ON
  • Diverse Animations: ON

On Display Settings

  • Turn off Chromatic Aberration
  • Set FOV as high as it will go.
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