Pizza Tower – How to Be Better at P-Ranking Levels

In this short little guide, I’ll teach you some tricks on how to get better at P-ranking levels in Pizza Tower, as well as how to use certain obscure movement mechanics.

What You Need to Do to P-Rank Levels

Note: Credit goes to Back Alley Guy

In order to P-rank levels you need to collect enough Pizza Points for an S-rank while maintaining your combo for the entire level (in case you thing you can just start your combo very late into the level, that won’t work, as you need to kill the first enemy in the first room of the level for it to count), alongside finding Gerome, collecting the Secret Treasures by bringing him to their door, Completing every single Eye-Bonus Level and going for Lap 2 during Pizza Time by hopping into the Pizza Portal that’s usually near the start of the level. (Lap 2 basically resets you back to the start of Pizza Time without restoring the timer).

Contrary to popular belief, collecting every single Toppin is not a requirement for a P-rank, but I recommend doing so anyway if you can, as they’re very useful for scoring Pizza Points.

The Best Ways to Maintain Your Combo

Maintaining your combo for the entirety of the level is arguably the most important part of a P-rank run. However, it’s harder than it sounds as it’ll force you to memorize a lot of the level as such as the enemy and pizza point placements, and taking just a single hit could potentially signify your run failing.

Thus, I recommend parrying enemy attacks (you do this by taunting the moment they hit you) in order to keep your combo and save you from getting hit.

Additionally, if your combo is high enough, I recommend using the Supertaunt (up+taunt button) as a last resort if your combo is running low, as it kills all enemies on-screen. You can learn more about taunt mechanic in this guide.

How to Gain Speed Quickly

Gaining speed quick is essential for P-ranking as it’s important for quickly getting to combo-refilling stuff and avoiding Pizzaface should the timer run out during Pizza time. Luckily, gaining speed quickly is easier than it sounds.

Grabbing and then almost immediately holding the down key causes you to start moving forward at a pretty quick speed along with allowing you to pass underneath one block tall holes in walls similar to a crouch or roll.

If you stop holding down while in this state, Peppino will instantly reach mach 3, allowing for a quick getaway from Pizzaface.

Obscure Movement Mechanics of Note

These movement mechanics can potentially be a life saver if you’re attempting a P-Rank:

  • When you dive (happens when you roll off a platform or press down while jumping at mach 3), you can cancel it into a ground pound attack by pressing the jump button. This can allow you to kill enemies without having to manually stop diving.
  • While Super-Jumping, you can hold either the left or right arrow key and press the grab button to cancel out of it. This allows you to maintain your speed after Super-Jumping, as if you don’t cancel out of it, it causes you to slam into the ceiling, killing your speed and leaving you vulnerable.
  • Grabbing while holding up causes you to perform an uppercut that can attack enemies directly above you. This is extremely useful for maintaining your combo and works as a semi-double jump that can, for example, keep you from falling into pits.
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