Risk of Rain 2 – How to Unlock Rex

A quick guide on unlocking the character Rex.

Unlocking Rex

First you will want to find and equip the Fuel Array from the rear of the escape pod.

The Fuel Array is a very dangerous piece of equipment that blows up either upon activation or when the player goes below 50% of their health bar. This detonation instantly kills the player and destroys the Fuel Array. Items like “Dio’s Best Friend” will revive you after the explosion, however the equipment will be lost. The Fuel Array can thankfully be dropped and replaced with another piece of equipment, just remember to pick it up again before teleportation.

You will need to survive and continue doing the teleportation sequences until you arrive at the “Abyssal Depths”. Towards the top of that map, there are several floating islands that can be reached via geysers. On the highest island, there is a broken robot that can be interacted with.

Once you interact with the broken robot, you will unlock Rex and receive the “Power Plant” achievement. Congrats you now have Rex unlocked, I’m so proud of you.

Useful Tips

  1. Play on the easiest difficulty

There is no shame in playing on the easiest difficulty. You bought the game, you make your own decisions about how you play it.

The easiest difficulty raises the player’s health regeneration and lowers the amount of damage the player takes.

  1. Play multiplayer

With multiple people on your team, they can draw enemy fire towards them and stop you from going below 50% of your health bar. Be advised, dying and respawning does not bring back the Fuel Array.

  1. Avoid certain items in the multishop terminals

Certain items only activate or get destroyed once you reach low health. Items like the “Power Elixir” are useless considering you cannot be reaching low health.

However, items like the “Delicate Watch” are very useful since the item will only be destroyed at low health. You should also avoid grabbing items like the “Shaped Glass” because it lowers your max HP.

  1. Find and use equipment barrels

Orange equipment barrels can be found scattered around most maps. Use these barrels to purchase a new piece of equipment. Replace the Fuel Array with your newly acquired equipment.

This will free yourself of worrying about the health restrictions. Just remember to grab the Fuel Array again before you teleport to the next stage.

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  1. works best if you use Mul-T and place it in your backup slot. It appears that you have a lower chance of exploding, or, to put it more simply, if it’s not your active Q slot item. Don’t get me wrong; you can still explode; it just appears that the damage taken threshold will hold it higher.

  2. As you wield the Fuel Array, keep an eye on your hit points. Keep your HP above 50%. The run will have to be restarted because the Fuel Array will self-destruct.

    Additionally, in a multiplayer game, only one player can complete the mission and carry the Fuel Array at a time. To obtain the new character, you and your three friends will thus need to try four times in total. Alternately, just set it to low and work as quickly as the engineer can on your own.

  3. Perhaps the most inane thing ever created is the fuel core.

    I get hit by bosses or unstoppable hitscan attacks half the time, and sometimes I never even get to see hell as map 4.

  4. For the “you die” part, there’s no need to complicate things further than necessary. When your health drops below 50%, the fuel array begins to burst. You’ll perish, and if you manage to survive—for example, by using Dio—you’ll rise again, but the fuel array will be lost in the process.

  5. My first run as Rex consisted mostly of staring at enemies while the drowned gesture triggered the royal capacitor, priming the soulbound catalyst and preparing it to fire again.

  6. I wanted to let you know that Rex’s new animation requires him to fall without a drop pod, so you can’t use Mul-T to unlock him.

  7. So, I found a bug related to the unlock. I went as MUL-T because I had the most HP and could carry two items, so I could just back bar the array and use the Royal Cap/Gesture on the front bar. Don’t ask me how I did it. My friend’s pod contained the Array, which I took since she had already unlocked the character. We made it to REX, where I plugged in the Array aa and it did not unlock. But I’m also unable to hear the Array anymore. Which kind of discourages me from trying to unlock it once more. Good times.
    Please help me out. If you go into your Steam folder, select User Data, 65289373, 632360, and then remote > UserProfiles, you will find your RoR2 user profiles. Note Pad can open the file because it’s an XML file. Press Shift and look up “Character” using the search function. You should then be able to locate \Unlock>Character.?????? for each character; I’ll need to know Rex’s so I can manually add it.

  8. advice for preserving Array Once the boss and map have been defeated, switch to a different item to use, leave it on the ground, then pick it up, wash it, rinse it, and repeat.

  9. Moreover, you cannot take too much damage when you have the fuel array or you will explode. This is another aspect of getting Rex.

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