Pizza Tower – Tips to Get The “You Are Quick As Hell” Judgement

This guide is oriented to help you get the quick judgement!

Quick Introduction

Note: Credit goes to GenericPsycho

So you want to get the QUICK judgement on Pizza Tower? Good for you!

This ending demands speed, like a lot of speed, A LOT OF LOT OF SPEED. You have to beat the game in less than 2 hours and get a tower status lower than 95%, basically speedrun it; this maybe sounds imposible but don’t be afraid, because in this guide you’ll learn some tips to help you get this final judgement.

Remember to Save Time

You will need to understand the levels a little before attempting this challenge, a small test before completing the pizza dough, to see if you need more salt or flour.

Pizzeria analogies aside, you need to know and remember specific points in the levels that could benefit or screw up your attempts; remember where you can save time and the moves you need to make.

To give you a small example: in Gnome Forest (aka Lario), when you get to the escape sequence you are going to cross this part, a door blocked by rocks. What most people do (even in P-Ranks) is to go to the other side to gain speed and break the rocks; forget about that, it’s an unnecessary waste of time! Instead, jump and use Gustavo’s spinning attack to break them.

Always remember to save time!

Define What You Really Need

Now that your muscular memory is active, let’s force it to skip other things. You’re not here to 101% the game, so don’t give a pepperoni about:

  • Secret rooms
  • Gerome and the Treasures
  • Lap 2
  • Chef Tasks

For this run, you don’t need to care about your ranks in the levels or in the bosses, even if you already P-Ranked every level. Just care to save up your time and grab as many Toppins as you can. Speaking of Toppins…

Skip Only 9 Toppins

To progress to the bosses you need to pay Mr. Sticks to open the gates for you, and at the end of a run where you get all Toppins you’ll end up with $90 to “”donate””. If you make some high level algebruh you’ll end up with the conclusion that these $90 represent 9 Toppins. I think you get the point by now.

But which Toppins can I skip? For the first 5 the answer is easy: Oregano Desert. Getting inside the PizzaMarts can end up in a chaotic time waste, so if you want a guaranteed victory, rush the cheese out of this place.

And for the other 4? That is mostly up to you, but here’s a helpful list of some Toppins you can skip without feeling guilty:

  • The Pig City: You only really need to go to the third taxi to progress in the level, that meaning that you can skip 4 out of 5 oinky Toppins.
  • GOLF: In this level you’re guaranteed to get 2 toppins, the very first one and the very last one. The rest are in golf courses, and trying to go fast on these is harder than actual golf.
  • Fun Farm! / Deep-Dish 9 / Ancient Cheese / Oh Shιt!: On these four levels you can only miss one Toppin; the cheese in Fun Farm! and in Deep-Dish 9, the mushroom in Ancient Cheese and the tomato in Oh Shιt!. All of these choices are up to you and your skills
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