Cruelty Squad – How to Easily Make Money

After the most recent update up until this point the stock market works a little bit differently with the mall madness event.

Guide to Easily Make Money

Note: Credit goes to Spudinky

What Happened?

So Ville said there would be a small update we wouldn’t figure out after a few weeks, but I think I already know what it is. Basically, all of the stocks used to skyrocket infinitely when you completed mall madness for the first time (and would end once you completed the next level, apartment atrocity). But now that is no longer the case and instead all of the stocks except for GamesGames (GAGA in the stock market) will tank until they reach 87 cents, while GAGA will still skyrocket astronomically. (A thing to note is that it is impossible to buy stocks under a dollar as the game reads the company or organ or fish as bankrupt) (oh yeah same with organs and fish) However there is still a small window of opportunity to buy them when they on occasion go over a dollar.

So How to Easily Make Moneyz?

Simple, just only buy GAGA before Mall Madness (my favorite strategy is to grab the machine guns the mechs have and after completing mall madness keep replaying sin space engineering on punishment mode which gives 2x cash with the Angular Advantage Tactical Munitions implant until I can buy eyes of corporate insight) (it will take 42 replays to buy).

Okay thats not the only way, another way is to buy all of the other stocks that have dropped (best ones to buy being cruelty squad, veggo’s meatoids, power monger shipping company, and pizza house) to 87 cents when they reach just over a dollar and in that slight moment of time to buy a whole bunch of stocks for extremely cheap. Keep doing that until you don’t want to (you can also do the sin space engineering trick I mentioned above and buy even more stock) and play the next mission. Then GAGA will fall and all of the other stocks are going to start shooting up back to their regular prices and sometimes even skyrocket past that (veggo’s meatoids is the best) allowing you to cash in huge amounts while spending very little.

You can also pair these like I did to make money redundant as you basically have infinite money.

Oh yeah you can also do the fishing in casino level (not worth it even if you get the 2 million dollar fish) or kill the triagon or the meat cube in the bank in neuron activator bank each giving you a million dollars but those methods are redundant.

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