Pizza Tower – How to Get Swap (Coop) Mode

Wanna play 2 player or wanna play as both peppino and noise at the same time but dont know how? Take all that gunk out of your ears and listen carefully to my tale of woa(g)!

Guide to Get Coop Mode (the Secret)

Note: Credit goes to SprSn64

Beat the game (If you haven’t already)

I don’t really have to explain this to you. Just beat the game.

Beat the game again (as the Noise)

Pretty obvious, but you need to beat the game a first time to unlock the Noise.

To play as the Noise, press your Down keybind. If the TVs become yellow, you are now playing as the noise.

Find the secret

You need to be playing as the Noise for this. Go to the room thats just before the pizza face bossfight, if you see smoke coming from the left side of the room, jump down. This will get you right into Peppino’s home!

After that go to the door to the right of the room to unlock the Swap Mode.

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