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Hello and welcome to our FAQ section for The Demonologist!

Frequently Asked Questions

This brief FAQ will cover baseline mechanics as well as items that could use a bit more of an explanation that we couldn’t fit in the item descriptions.

What is the objective of the game?

  • Your primary objective is to locate the haunted room and identify the entity type in your journal (press J) by collecting evidence.
  • After completing your primary objective, you may unlock additional challenges that can be found on the information screen in your camp site. You must complete the objectives before these will unlock.
  • In the demo, once you have completed these challenges you can exorcize and banish the entity by finding 5 fingers randomly generated in the map and placing them in the ritual area. These methods of banishment will vary from map to map so please keep your eyes peeled!

What is sanity, how do I see my sanity and what can I do to keep it up?

  • Sanity is a measurement of how frequent ghosts can attack you.

In order to see your sanity, you must go to the camp and view the sanity meter. You can see your sanity percentage beneath the images of your brain scans in the camp.

  • In order to keep your sanity from draining quickly, it’s recommended to turn on lights, stay in well lit areas, use candles and take advantage of your tripod camera to find additional evidence from the camp site.
  • You can restore sanity by using sanity pills from the loadout. Each difficulty has a different percentage it can restore, so pay close attention to it!

What is a hunt and how do I protect myself from it?

  • A hunt occurs when you fall below a specific sanity threshold which gives the entity more of a chance to attack. When the entity attacks, all exit doors are locked preventing you from escaping.
  • To survive, you must run and hide from the entity while it’s hunting. Alternatively, you may bring in crucifixes to guarantee that you will prevent your death, but be warned that currently, you must have the crucifix in your hand when the entity catches you in order to survive.
  • Crucifixes are a one time use and only protect yourself. You may get creative in how you handle this while trying to save your friend(s) by placing yourself directly in the entities’ path, though entities have a mind of their own and may ignore you completely, so be warned!

How can I communicate with the entity?

  • Currently there is one item that lets you speak with the entity (though more to come!): The Spirit Box. You can communicate by using the item in the entities’ room and asking it questions. Please keep in mind that the spirit box has a random chance to work so you may have to try multiple times. Take note of whether the ghost responds to alone or everyone. If alone, you will need to be alone to get the spirit box to respond.
  • The current phrases it supports are:
    • “Can you talk?, Can you speak?, What is your name?, Where are you?, When did you die?”
  • Please keep in mind that the spirit box is only interactable with certain ghost types.

What is the ESG device?

  • The ESG (Electro Static Generator) is a device that not only increases paranormal activity in the entities’ chosen room, but also will provide visual evidence if the entity can be identified by it. To use it, simply place it on the ground in the room. If an entity’s evidence is the ESG, it will appear above the device briefly. This occurs very quickly, and you can miss it if you’re not paying attention! You can place a tripod camera in front of the ESG and watch from the camp if you’re having trouble seeing it.

What is the Ecto Glass and how do I use it?

  • Currently, the ecto glass is used for finding evidence of an entity. If the entity responds to the ecto glass, you’ll find white plasma markings around the area that the entity is haunting. These look like paint strokes and can be found on walls or objects like chairs, light switches, etc.
  • Additionally, it’s used for a secondary objective, which is to locate the human silhouette. There are static places where this silhouette can be found throughout the map and is usually depicted as a young girl sitting on a chair. You’ll need to walk around the map with the glass in hand to see it.

What is the Easel Canvas?

  • The easel canvas is similar in nature to ‘ghost writing’ in other games of this genre. Entities with an ‘artistic’ capability will paint a picture for you on the canvas to let you know that they’re around. To use it, simply place it in the entities’ haunted room and wait for it to interact with it.
  • You can pair this with a tripod camera to watch from the campsite if you’d like to remain safe while gathering evidence.

What is the EMF device?

  • The EMF device is used to gauge levels of spiritual activity and is one of the best indicators of finding where the entity resides.
  • The range is from 0 (no activity) to 5 (maximum activity). Keep in mind that EMF 5 is used as evidence for an entity type, so if you see it make sure to write it down in your journal! Like the Easel and ESG device, you can place the EMF in front of the Tripod camera to observe activity from the camp site.
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