Demonologist – Bedlam Puzzle Guide

This is an easy guide for the floor puzzle on Bedlam!

How to Solve Bedlam Puzzle

Bedlam Floor Trap

This is a pretty simple explanation of the floor puzzle for the Bedlam floor trap. Best way to do this is to bring a pocket watch to keep an eye on the time.

Do not step on the tiles marked with a pentagram. Use the A marked on the page as the door indicator for Pattern A and the rotation of the page. (Top right is where the door would be to the room. Bottom left is the entrance you walk into the trap room.

Good luck!

Pattern A – Page as shown – Between Hours 1 and 3

Pattern B – Mirror Image of A – Between hours 3 and 5

Pattern C – Pattern B rotated 180 degrees – Between hours 5 and 8

Pattern D – This one is a trick, Mirror image of B (so Pattern A) Rotated 180 degrees – Between hours 8 and 10

Pattern E – Also a trick, Pattern D rotated 180 degrees (So literally Pattern A) – Between hours 10 and 12

Pattern F – Read the Image. You touch, you die. Its boobie trapped. – Between hours 12 and 1

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