Warframe – How to Kill a Kuva Lich

You want to know how to kill a Kuva Lich? You’ve come to the right place! This guide will teach you how to obtain, fight and eventually bring down a Grineer Kuva Lich as well as how to obtain a Corpus Sister of Parvos.

Spawning a Kuva Lich

First off, you need to know how to get one for yourself. To get a Kuva Lich you must first complete “The War Within” quest which can be obtained at the Sedna junction on Pluto after reaching mastery rank 5. Once you’ve done that your ready to go hunting. On any Grineer mission above level 20, a Kuva Larvling can be spawned. When the lights start flickering, its time to start killing. You have one minute to kill enough enemies to spawn a Kuva Larvling. There’s a 20% chance a Lich spawns with an ephemera so if you get one lucky you!

The progenitor (warframe you spawn the lich with) will determine its abilities as well as the weapon bonus. The Larvling will be opened up for a mercy finish. The weapon it will spawn with can be seen above its head so if you don’t want that weapon, simply don’t do the mercy finish and the Larvling will despawn in thirty seconds. Otherwise, finish it and head to extraction.

Requiem Mods Acquisition

Once your back on your orbiter, you can see in the Kuva Lich menu its abilities, its resistances/weaknesses and its weapon bonus. The Kuva Lich will be occupying a planet. You must do missions on this planet to kill Kuva Thralls and farm requiem murmurs. The more thralls you kill, the more annoyed the Kuva Lich becomes and the chances of them spawning in your mission will increase.

Once enough murmurs have been obtained, you will learn one of the three known requiems specific to your Kuva Lich. These can be viewed at any time in the Kuva Lich menu. There are 8 Reqiuem mods and 4 requiem relics with two mods each. These relics can be dropped from Kuva thralls or can be a reward from Kuva flood missions. You’ll need to do some requiem void fissure missions to break open the relics and get your mods.

Fighting a Kuva Lich

Once your Lich spawns in your mission you will have to damage them until their first health bar depletes. They will be open to a mercy finish and this is where you find out if your mod is in the right slot. Mercy finish them before their health bar refills. If the right mod was equipped in the right spot the Lich will stay in the mission and you can deplete the second health bar. If the wrong mod was equipped in the wrong spot the Kuva Lich will leave the mission and level up. When the Kuva Lich levels up they’re going to be a lot more difficult.

Whatever planet they were on before will be free and they will be occupying a new, higher level planet. Once you figure out the right combination and strike the Kuva Lich will all three known requiems in the right order they will flee to the Proxima region. Hop in your railjack and find the Lich. It’s time for the final battle! Once you bring down your Lich for the last time you will be able to vanquish it or convert it. Both will give you an ephemera if they had one but you only get its weapon if you vanquish it. Converting it will allow it to spawn in your missions and help you out for a few minutes.

When you have a converted Lich you can either trade it with someone else’s converted Lich in the crimson branch room of your clan dojo or you can keep it and bring it with you on some railjack missions when you get your command intrinsic to level 8.

Getting / Fighting a Sister of Parvos

Recently Sisters of Parvos were added to the game and they’re basically corpus kuva liches with the only real difference being how you obtain them and how they fight. To obtain a Sister of Parvos you will need to have completed the Call of the Tempestarii quest. Once you’ve done that go to any corpus mission with the new corpus tileset. (The one with the golden hands everywhere.)

When you find a golden hand you will need to enter the Granum void with a Zenith Granum Crown. You need to get at least 25 kills per player in your squad to spawn a candidate. (corpus kuva larvling) Same as the kuva larvlings, the weapon your sister will spawn with can be seen above their head. Mercy them to spawn a sister or extract to try and get a new weapon.

During the fight Sisters of Parvos will teleport around and try to shoot you from afar. Instead of thralls the Sister will spawn with its own hound which will spawn periodically in the mission. The hound will have its own annoying abilities such as a death laser that pushes you away and a wave that makes you drop your gun. Killing them will reward you with a requiem murmur just like a thrall. Bring down the hound and fight off the sister to get one of the new Tenet weapons!

Final Tips

Kuva Bramma, Kuva Kohm, Kuva Nukor and Kuva Shildeg are all great weapons to start with. There’s a lot of other good ones but I’ve had the most fun and success with those four specifically

Tenet Arca Plasmor is a great weapon to get from a Sister first.

Saryn and Inaros are pretty good warframes to fight Kuva Liches with. Inaros is tanky and can take a beating while giving it back if do the right damage to your lich. Saryn’s spores with latch onto the Lich and slowly drain its health away. At that point its just about staying out of the line of fire.

That’s about it folks. I hope you find my little guide helpful. This is the first time I’ve tried to write a guide so let me know how i did. Also if you have anything you think would be helpful to first time Lich hunters feel free to include it in the comments. Good luck Tenno. Enjoy the thrill of the hunt.

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