Warframe – Enigma Gyrum Archarbor Puzzle

Showing you how to do the best puzzle in Duviri and get the most Enigma Gyrums puzzle.

Location of Archarbor

Archarbor doesnt spawn all the time, but if it does i would suggest doing the puzzle as it gives 5 enigma gyrums from 1 puzzle compared to every other puzzle on the map since the rest only give 1.


There are 3 statues that u have to turn in order to unlock the puzzle area

  • You have 3 corners of Archarbor and each corner has a statue
  • You can interact with the statue witch will rotate it
  • Rotate the statues so they face the harbor


After you rotated all the statues open the map and find the vortex looking icon on the map on the archarbor.

Hack the security and go down.

You will find another console witch u can interact with and when u click it another statue will appear.

The Puzzle

Now simply go under the harbor and u will find the puzzle area.

The puzzle is actually very simple to do but there are some things to keep in mind:

  • Behind u are the tokens so u can do the puzzle (if u ever did any puzzles in duviri)
  • From the puzzle wall 2 far on the left and 2 far on the right are the known symbols so start from there
  • The 2 close on the left and the right are the hidden ones on the wall so u will have to figure out what those symbols are

I have a video of me doing it from the start so be sure to watch the video if the guide is a little bit confusing to follow.

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