Hydroneer – How to Duplicate Money (Cheat)

How to duplicate money using boots and the stock market.

Starting Off

Before you can duplicate your money, you need money to duplicate, since you can’t duplicate nothing.

Any amount should work, but for best results you should have a relatively large amount of money to begin with.

I recommend getting all of the money to combine together into one big money stack item, to save space and time.

Boot Time

Now that you have your money, go to the nearest well.

For this guide i am going to reference the stone well in Bastion Keep (the castle town up on the hill near the starting plot, Ember Cradle).

Now, drop the money stack into the well. It will turn into a boot.

Don’t worry, i’m not trying to trick you into losing all of your money, if you feel skeptical test it out with only a few coins.

This boot is worth the exact amount of money that you dropped into the well.

For example if you dropped in C128, it would create a boot worth exactly C128, in boot form.

To verify its worth, place it on the nearby grocer’s sell table, and you will see its standard trading price. 

(The grocer takes it because it’s technically a fish since you can get it from fishing, something we will now exploit.)

The Stock Market

With the stock market, you can sell certain items above or below their standard price.

Each stock market location buys a specific type of item. (ex. Bastion Keep market buys Iron Bars, and Icehelm market buys Gold Bars).

We want the one that buys fishing items, and it is located in Burnscroft (a fishing town a short drive from Ember Cradle).

It is a table right outside the gate, displaying a fish (to signify the things it buys) and a percentage. This percent shows how much of the standard price it will pay – a C200 load of fish will fetch C186 at a stock value of %93, or C224 at a stock value of %112.

Simply put, if arrow on table is green, good deal, if arrow on table is red, bad deal. Only sell on green, otherwise sell to grocer.

Now, all we have to do is wait for that arrow to turn green. The higher the percent above 100, the better.

Once the arrow is green, place the boot on the table and sell it. All items sold at the same time are valued from the same number; thus the more the boots, the more the dupes.

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