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So you want to make a Biological Preserve? Well its not easy, there’s no breeding, carnivores still be savages, and herding is still… meh. This guide will teach you your facility layouts, mods to use, tips and tricks, and themes.

Part 1: Setup

Theres alot of things you need to know before you begin, i will start of with some basics.

  1. Choose an island with big space and narrow long corridors. You don’t want your albertosaurus pack shredding through the north population to then run down to the south. Leave these corridors empty and if you can try and block them using rocks or redwoods. Dosent matter what it is, it just needs to work.
  2. JP Era works best due to the smaller space being used up, you can also use mods to remove the need of hatchery’s, but i will get into that far down the line.
  3. Choose if you want it to be a nature reserve, safari, or a simple section of your park. That way you know what you want to place (example: Safari would have a ride, 1-2 hotels, and some buildings)

I will show you an example of what you want your settings.

If you want to have no hunting then simply turn it off.

As for the layout you want 2 hatchery’s next to each other, with an arrival helipad behind both, ranger outpost and geothermal power plant locations can be swapped. For my example the ranger outpost is to the right and the geothermal power plant is to the left.

For the upgrades since incubation cant fail simply have maximum hatchery capacity.

After that you want to prepare the area for dinosaurs. to do this simply add feeders within or near forests to make your photographs more clean.

Once everything is setup it is time to move on to the next part, The dinosaurs.

Part 2: The Dinosaurs

Now that the place is ready for dinosaurs, you want to add them, but before you do you should change their social using Group 1.0 so that they can live with more of their kind. Hadrosaurs (not iguanodonts) and sauropods should have their social changed to 2.0, except for dread and ornithomimids who should have their group be at 3.0. after that simply add the dinosaurs to your desired population count and you can watch as they wander around happily.

Now that you have your herbivores, prepare for the hardest part.

The Carnivores. Large carnivores don’t affect your populations much, unless there are multiple of them. Small carnivores can get out of hand and kill lots of defenseless herbivores, and if you have breeding they can breed out of control. Make sure to never have more than 5 of the same species of carnivores, not good. If a carnivore kills a herbivore its ok, just make sure it dosent kill to many.

Finally you want to make sure that for every carnivore species, you want to have 2-4 other herbivore species,, this is to prevent imbalance in the dinosaur populations.

A little thing you can do is use paleofeeders to make sure that if the herbivores go out of their zones they will likely die (lifespan has to be on for this to work) I wouldn’t use paleofeeders though since all they do is negatively affect dinosaurs.

Now we can move to the Last Part. Mods

Part 3: Mods

Mods are very important as they can help make an ecosystem alot easier. heres some mods i recommend.

  • UME (Ultimate Mixed Eras) Is a great mod since it allows for hatchery upgrades that allow for no incubation fails, 10 second incubation, and all incubation slots.

Link to it is here.

  • Expanded behaviors while not doing much now as i type this (9/7/2021 4:23 PM) will eventually decrease hunting and add more dynamic dinosaur herding. Already its pretty good so i recommend it.

Link to it is here.

  • MrTroodon Stats and Behaviors Overhaul makes an ecosystem SO MUCH EASIER its a shame i don’t know how to use it. Definitely recommend it.

Link to the mod is here.

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