Warframe – Railjack Battle Secrets & Tricks

Wanna know something many players don’t about Railjack… its Dangerous to go alone? Is it?

Railjack Battle Secrets & Tricks


Im a Tenno Player named SoundsInsane, read a bunch of Guides, realizing there is alot of questions that randomly keep poping up and there always will be newbies everywhere so i took it apon my self, to teach ya some Secrets. That will get you through all the missions with ease (well hopefully)

Join a Crew Requirements

Earliest Joining

  • Once you Obtained Archwing you can join a Crew at anytime, ive had really low Rank players join outta the blue not knowing ANYTHING.

How to Get your Own Railjack

  • MUST COMPLETE [Second Dream] <– Must have Tenno powers lol
  • 2nd condition MUST BE or OWN A DOJO
  • Unlocking the Dry Dock
  • Than Research -> Cephalon Cy -> than Create him in foundry (10x Mutagen, Injectors, Fieldrons, Orokin Cells)
  • [RISING TIDE] Begins (Resource hungry Process)
  • Complete Rising Tide!

Basics on Railjack (Info)

There are Many youtube videos, and Guides about the railjack but i will give you a Tour…


[Your Automaticly Equipped with a omni every time you enter a Railjack mission]

“Requires: Revolite to use”

  • Fires (Dmg over time against HP): 25points
  • Small Hull Breach (Limits HP count): 25points
  • Energy Breach (Shields Broken): 50points
  • HULL Full Breach (ALL HP GONE! 50seconds to repair or Mission Failure!): 75points !

The Helm (Pilot Ship) – Navigation – Forward Artillery (RANK 5 Required Gunnery)

Railjack Ejector (MULTIPLE) -> Launches Tenno Out of Airlock

Archwing Slingshot (Rank 4 gunnery Required) -> “Tenno in the barrel” -Cephalon Cy

Interesting to Know

  • Shoots you approximately 30k of Meters if no Lock-on target
  • Fighters
  • Ramsleds
  • Doors of Grineer Bases (kinda buggy)

“How far does it really go if it misses and you continue to fly!?” -> TO THE END OF MAP (480,000m)

Railjack Mini Forge

Important To Know

  • If your in a Crisis this Forge will save your life! (I didnt know about this till i did saturn)

[CAN BE USED DURING MISSIONS if you got the resources]

Skrimish Battle Tricks!

“What do i do, i did the archwing quest, and now i have railjack open to me, how do i help?”

Not the first time i hear this. almost every group member (if feel like a magnet for newbies).

  • Railjack Crew – Turrets, Repairs, Mini Forge Resupplying
  • Captain – Pilot
  • Away Crew – Base Objective Killers, Crewship destoryers!

What ever role you wanna assign go ahead.

Grineer Ship Weakness

“Im getting Blasted alot by Crewships and taking too much dmg!”

[Solution: Shot the Thrusters] -> [Result: Disables Movement and Guns]

Warning -> Will Release Ramsleds, every 1-2mins. (if your in close proximity)

About 4000m+ Proximity

Show me How to Snipe a ship!

Its really simple if you have gunnery rank 1, however if your a Rank 0 no railjack it will be rather difficult.


  • Aim (RANGE: 10,000m)
  • Match all 4 Arrow points – Rank 1 Gunnery Required.
  • Hear for the Bleep.
  • Fire the Missile!

Archwing Slingshot

[Default Distance]: 2000m

[Rank 6 Gunnery perk] – 50% more (2500m)

Enemy: Ramsled Launching Facts

  • Crewship must be 3000m close to you to launch any ramsleds
  • Missiles can sometimes destory em.
  • Crewships will use them every 1-3mins (even if there guns are disabled and dead in the water)

Exo Scold Crewship [Weaknesses] (VEIL Proximia Ships)

  • 3 Radiators on the Ships, take em out first than go for the thrusters.


  • You will see giant Energy bubbles (Yellow-greenish-wall of energy) the bubbles will heal the Ships, it latches on to, and grow and regenerate ships. (Suggest Destorying them first)
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