Warframe – Inaros Prime Relics Drop Locations

Inaros Prime Relics

Note: Credit goes to ChiefteC

Inaros Prime

  • AXI W1 – Inaros Prime Blueprint [uncommon]
  • Lith M6 – Inaros Prime System Bp [common]
  • Meso I1 – Inaros Prime Neuroptics Bp [rare]
  • Neo T3 – Inaros Prime Chassis Bp [uncommon]

Panthera Prime

  • Axi C5 – Panthera Prime Blueprint [common]
  • Lith P3 – Panthera Prime Barrel [rare]
  • Meso N10 – Panthera Prime Stock [uncommon]
  • Meso P2 – Panthera Prime Receiver [rare]

Karyst Prime

  • Axi B4 – Karyst Prime Handle [uncommon]
  • Meso K3 – Karyst Prime Blade [rare]
  • Meso P3 – Karyst Prime Blueprint [common]

Drop Table

Axi relics drop – Lua > Apollo rotation B 14% chances – Any Tier 3 Interception 14% chances.

Lith relics – Mars Disruption Rotation A/b 14% chances

Meso relics – Mars rot C / Sedna rot A / Uratnus rot A all Disruptions 14% chances.

Neo relics – Onslaught Elite Onslaugh 15% chances – Disruption on Sedna rotB / Lua rot A / Uranus rot B 14%chances.

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