Warframe – Kuva Brakk Build against All Factions

This guide shows recommended builds for the Kuva Brakk against all factions in Warframe. On top of these builds are recommended mods and arcanes that fit well with the weapon.


My name is UltimoFive and today we are going over the Kuva Brakk. I felt like doing a build on this weapon because I love torturing myself with farming the Kuva Lich.

This build does a massive amount of damage to single targets and easily nukes small crowds up to level 100, and can even kill off level 135 Eximus enemies of each faction in about 1 to 5 shots.

Weapon Information

Information about the weapon:

  • The Kuva Brakk is obtained from either vanquishing a Kuva Lich or trading from another player, a Kuva Lich that they conquered.
  • The Kuva Brakk has a mastery rank requirement of 13.
  • The weapon has a max rank of 40. In order to obtain this level the player must forma the weapon at least 5 times, due to this feature the player gains an additional 4,000 mastery points. BUT the builds in this guide only require 3 forma, unless a Riven mod is introduced.
  • This weapon excels against single target enemies and can handle small crowds of enemies. Large crowds of enemies aren’t recommended, but with a tanky frame large crowds can be handled.

Kuva Element Recommendation

With this weapon you get the option of having a bonus Kuva Element which caps at 60%.

My recommended Kuva Element would be:

  • Toxin – Toxin is incorporated in my Corpus build for the weapon. Toxin Deals 50% of the base damage as toxin damage per second for 6 seconds and bypasses shields.

Advantages vs. Disadvantages

Stats about the weapon:


  • Very High Critical Chance
  • Very Fast Reload Speed
  • Innate 0.5 meter Punch Through


  • Low Puncture and Slash damage
  • Has linear damage falloff from 100% to 4% from 10 meters to 20 meters
  • Wide pellet spread, making the weapon inefficient beyond medium range.

Kuva Brakk Builds


Due to having a Kuva Element of Toxin the build against Corpus is weakened with damage, but is still powerful. Magnetic amplifies damage dealt to shields, while Toxin deals 50% damage to flesh per second for 6 seconds. Magnetic mixed with Toxin helps mainly against the human enemies, while taking a mild hit at killing efficiency of robotic enemies.


Due to having a Kuva Element of Toxin the build against Corruption will be Viral/Heat. Viral amplifies damage dealt to health while Heat causes the target to panic and strips up to 50% armor. Viral mixed with Heat helps against mainly Corrupted Grineer and Infested, while taking a hit at killing efficiency of Corrupted Shielded and Robotic enemies.


Due to having a Kuva Element of Toxin the build against Infested will be Corrosive/Heat. Corrosive reduces armor of fossilized infested, while heat just annihilates flesh infested. The infested on Deimos are neutral however.


Due to having a Kuva Element of Toxin the build against Grineer will be Viral/Heat. Viral amplifies damage against health, while heat strips up to 50% armor. Against the heavily armored enemies we are using the guns innate Puncture damage to help along side the heat.

Mod Substitutes

Recommended substituted mods:

  • Convulsion – In place of Jolt.
  • Deep Freeze – In place of Frostbite.
  • Pathogen Rounds – In place of Pistol Pestilence.
  • Pistol Gambit – If you don’t have Primed Pistol Gambit.
  • Target Cracker – If you don’t have Primed Target Cracker.
  • Heated Charge – If you don’t have Primed Heated Charge.

Make sure to at least have 17.8% status chance on the weapon, do not go lower. Since this weapon is a shotgun the status chance goes based per pellet, with this build you have 28 pellets per shot. Which practically means you are guaranteed a status proc every shot.

Non-Recommended substituted mods:

  • Magnum Force – So I discussed this in my last guide, and let me say it again….stop using Magnum Force…it’s garbage and does nothing to help, especially considering this is a side-arm shotgun.
  • Hollow Point – You only get 1.2x more of a critical multiplier, which is worthless considering that if you took out anything you would lose serious amounts of DPS.

Ways to increase Critical Chance and Damage

On top of this there are several other ways to enhance Critical Chance and Damage for this weapon:


  • Rhino’s Roar adds a pretty nice damage bonus, with mine being at 169%.
  • Banshee’s Sonar gives a huge damage multiplier, mine is 9.95x.

Critical Chance:

  • Harrow’s Covenant can add up to 50% Critical Chance and 200% on headshots.
  • Adarza Kavat with Cat’s Eye can give weapons a 60% boost.
  • Smeeta Kavat with Charm can give 200% Crit Chance, giving guaranteed orange critical hits.

Recommended Arcanes

  • Arcane Avenger – Upon getting hit, 21% chance for 45% Critical Chance for 12 seconds.
  • Arcane Awakening – On reload, 60% chance for 150% damage to pistols for 24 seconds.
  • Arcane Precision – On headshot, 100% chance for 300% damage to pistols for 18 seconds.
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