Temtem – The Hangroad Route Guide (Map, Chests, Items)

Temtem - The Hangroad Route Guide (Map
Temtem - The Hangroad Route Guide (Map

Temtem Guides:

Welcome to The Hangroad. This area is very similar to the Flywalk except that it’s lower in altitude and larger.

The Hangroad Complete Guide

When you get off the elevator, head to the middle platform and go north to find a mini-temporium. Heal your squad here so that if you get wiped, you’ll be brought back to this mini-temporium instead of a previous one further back.

Now, you can try to head south along the sliding glass but you’ll quickly realize that you’re not meant to pass through this area because you don’t have the Crystal Skates necessary to traverse this terrain.

Head back to the middle platform and proceed west. There are two large vertical patches of grass, each with tamers to battle. We recommend battling all of them for the experience but either pathway will get you where you need to go.

At the top of this ramp, head left and fight the tamer blocking your way forward. Next, you’ll have to drop down this platform. You will land in the path of two tamers that you have to fight.

Head south from here and fight two tamers blocking the way to two chests. Inside those chests are 2 TemCard+ and 2 Balm+.

If you head to the northern platform that we ignored a few moments ago, there is another tamer to fight. Be wary as this tamer has a very powerful level 28 Tateru. Defeat this tamer and head south to the platform. Then, head west and surf across the body of water that has four Belsoto tamers in it. You’ll have to fight all of them.

On the other side of this pond, you’ll notice some Belsoto Clan clothes drying on a rope. Press F in front of these clothes. This is how you’ll ambush the Belsotos. Before that though, we must regroup with Carlos in front of the Giant Banyan.

You can try to continue along the pathway to reach the Anak Volcano but you’ll quickly realize that you can’t progress through this area without Crystal Skates.

So, head back to Citerior Omninesia to the Giant Banyan entrance where Carlos awaits.


  • 2x Balm+ (In an itembox near Lesieli and Makisi).
  • 2x TemCard+ (In an infobox near Lesieli and Makisi).

Map of The Hangroad

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