Starfield – Storage Tips (Unlimited Storage Place)

Bottomless Chest

In your room in the Lodge there’s a bottomless chest but that’s just for early game. When you craft, it doesn’t pull items from there.

What you want to do is start building an outpost: You can put down large storage containers for different types of resources (One for gas, one for liquids, one for raw resources and so on…) and then hook them up to a building where you dump all your resources into it and it sorts them into the correct storage buildings for you.

If you do it this way, when you craft in your outpost or build new buildings from that outpost it’ll automatically use the items from that storage. That’s just for raw resources though. For things like armour and weapons, you can build mannequins and weapon displays to store the stuff you really want.

Basically: When you start getting too much stuff you want to keep to fit into your ship, just go build your first outpost.

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