Starfield – Questlines & Factions Guide

Questlines & Factions

Major Factions

There are 5 Main Factions in Starfield, each one has a collection of quests associated to them. The main game is within the Constellation‘s storyline which is highly recommended to be the first major faction’s quests you complete purely from the vast amount of rewards and companions you get from it. After the Constellation, the order for the other 4 really doesn’t matter much.

You can join each of these factions.


  • Location – Alpha Centauri System – Planet Jemison – New Atlantis – The Lodge
  • Explorers

United Colonies

  • Location – Alpha Centauri System – Planet Jemison – New Atlantis – United Colonies HQ
  • Space Police

Freestar Collective

  • Location – Volli System – Akila City
  • Space Cowboy Cops

Crimson Fleet

  • Location – Kryx System – Suvorov – The Key Spacestation
  • Space Pirates

Ryujin Industries

  • Location – Vol II System – Neon City
  • Arms Dealers

Minor Factions – Few / No Quests

There are plenty of minor factions which you cannot join, these are usually enemies and contract-offering factions. They don’t have a home planet, city or anything.

Trackers Alliance

They just offer contracts to locate people for a credit reward


This is a generic term describing any bad people in the game, this is the majority of enemies you fight. There is no allegiances and everyone is in it for themselves.

Ecliptic Mercenaries

Very similar to Spacers, however, they are slightly more organised as a faction.

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