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Resources fall into the categories:

  • Inorganic – Metals i.e. Aluminium, Titanium, Gold
  • Organic – Harvested from fauna or flora i.e. Hide, Toxins
  • Gases – i.e. Hydrogen-3, Neon, Argon
  • Liquids – i.e. Water
  • Construction – Man-made materials


There are 5 rarities:

  1. Common
  2. Uncommon
  3. Rare
  4. Exotic
  5. Unique

You will only be able to scan for rarity 1 resources until you start levelling up the Scanning skill.

Scanning for Planetary Resources

On the planet view you can see all resources a planet has. The resources are sorted by rarity where the right-most are the rarest as indicated by the small colour square on the resource icon.

To have a single outpost mine several inorganic resources you need to find resources that are close together and share the same biome.

Example, the Fe which is Iron is located within the Mountain biome, however, the Chlorosilanes is located in the Sandy Desert biome. Although they are literally right next to eachother, you won’t be able to find them both at a single outpost since they are different biomes.

Locating Resources on a Planet

To locate resources open up your Scanner by pressing F and then walking around, eventually you will find a highlighted area with a resource name indicated on the right side of your scanner.

When you locate your wanted resources, press R with the Scanner open and it will let you place an Outpost. To the top left of the screen, a list of all available resources within the range of this outpost will show. As you can see in this image, I have access to 3 inorganic resources and 1 liquid. Outpost optimisation is very useful, and this is one of the best ways to improve it and make your life easier.

Automate Mining of Resources

You will want to head to the EXTRACTORS tab and place an Extractor on the highlighted zone for your resource. Extractors come in multiple tiers and gather resources at a higher rate.

Connect this Extractor to a Storage to have an extractor automatically store resources.

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