Starfield – Low-Spoiler Advice about Early Mission Order

While there’s plenty of freedom in Starfield, I’ve found the hard way that doing a few quests in an unusual order can cause bugs. If you trigger one nasty bug you can get locked out of one of the best stories in the game (and some nice rewards).

Early Mission Order Tips

The whole guide is just one section

  • Avoid taking any quests from UC Security Sgt Yumi until after you have finished the Vanguard quest completely.
  • Follow the main Constellation quest until Sara takes you to the Vanguard commander.
  • Accept the Vanguard recruiting quest.
  • At this point, you can optionally follow the Vanguard quest through to the point of being given your first mission, just to avoid some backtracking later; you probably don’t want to actually do anything for Grunt Work until you have some levels and skills.
  • Continue with the main Constellation line until you finish The Old Neighborhood.
  • Do as many more of the Constellation quests as you like, primarily to pick up the other companions, but do NOT start All That Money Can Buy – Tell Walter you have some other things to do first when you talk to him.
  • Now finish the Vanguard quest line. For maximum safety, do a manual save before you start on Dellivering Devils.
  • At the point in Delivering Devils where you are going back to the bar to meet the two scientists, save BEFORE you enter Cydonia. This might give you a chance to reload if you hit the bug – though I’ve not hit it when I follow the sequence I described.
  • The bug happens when you talk to the scientists, and the one of them you’re supposed to meet back at MAST gets stuck – she just stands there and never leaves the bar. If you can successfully start Eyewitness, you have escaped the bug.
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