Wild Omission – Official FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is making it and when?

Wild Omission is a game that is currently in development by Telephone Studios, an independent game studio founded by Larch, a solo game developer. The game started development in December 2022, and is planned to be released in November 2023 on Steam.

How is this game different from others?

The game is different from other survival games, because it allows you to keep a save file, play in single player mode, and easily cooperate with friends. The game also has a unique weather system with tornadoes, and other severe weather, that will challenge your survival skills and creativity.

Will this come to Linux / The Steam Deck?

I have played Wild Omission on Linux myself using proton, and the experience was pretty good. In terms of a native Linux version, perhaps at some point down the line that will come, but it’s not a priority at this time. In terms of Steam Deck, I have requested a Dev Kit, and am waiting to see if it gets granted to see if I can.

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