Warhammer 40,000: Darktide – Psyker Build: Smite & Stun

A basic guide to build and use smite.

Building the Build Itself

Should you follow this guide, you will be a great asset to your squad mates and a genuine terror to your foes, if you already have a build selected, that is okay, in the top right of the screen is a plus symbol, by clicking that you create another build with the same equipment with just a blank talent tree selection with all your points kept, all you need to do is select the perks and skills i tell you in this very order to build a very deadly smite and stun build.

  1. Soulstealer: Replenish 15% toughness on warp based kills
  2. Quietude: Replenish 5% toughness for every 10% peril quelled
  3. Perilous Combustion: Apply 4 stacks of warp based fire damage to nearby enemies upon killing a elite or specialist enemy
  4. Battle Meditation: 10% chance to quell peril by 10% on any kill
  5. Smite: Charge to deal high damage lightning and impact on release of target, or fire normally to do low damage and high impact in a continuous stream of lightning, spreading to more target over time
  6. (Smite Upgrade) Lightning Storm: Increases the amount of targets you lightning can jump from by +1
  7. (Smite Upgrade) Enfeeble: Targets affected by smite take 10% base damage from all sources
  8. Mind In Motion: Movement speed is no longer reduced while quelling peril
  9. Kinetic Presence: +10% damage to elite and specialist enemies for you and squad mates within coherency
  10. Telekine Shield: Projects a projectile proof shield in front of you for 15s or until broken, you and squad mates can still pass through it
  11. (Telekine Shield Upgrade) Enervating Threshold: The shield now has a 10% chance to stun normal enemies passing through it but a 100% chance to stun specialist passing through it
  12. (Telekine Shield Upgrade) Bolstered Shield: You carry two charges of the shield, both of them being rechargeable
  13. Puppet Master: Increases coherency aura radius by 50%
  14. Warp Rider: Up to +20% damage from all sources to enemies based on current peril
  15. Solidity: Increases quell speed by 30%
  16. Empowered Psionics: +30% Damage from smite and your smite spreads through enemies 25% faster, does not consume charges (does not generate peril with it)
  17. Overpowering Souls: Guaranteed empowered psionics on elite kill
  18. Psychic Leeching: While empowered psionics is active replenishes 15% toughness to you and squad mates within coherency
  19. Charged Up: Hold 3 stacks of empowered psionics

And that’s all for the required stuff, if you have like 1 or 2 points left in the skill tree look for the little spots between the big skills and chose ones the have stuff like -5% peril generation, trust me that will help you alot with this build, okay now onto the explanation of this build and its proper use.

Visual Examples on Damnation Level Enemies

Visual Examples of the Stun Walls Usage

Visual Examples of Smites Usage

This is smite with empowered psionics, notice the lack of peril generation:

How to Use This Build and Why Its a Great Support Build

This build is mainly for support usage but it can still do great amounts of damage, just it has to do so over time, it primary usage is stunning the enemy in large amounts.

  • (Smites Usage) This ability is very good for large AOE and mass stunning, combine it with zealots or ogryns and they will have a field day with enemies that literally cant move.
  • (Stun Wall Usage) Use this to deter specialists, mainly the hound and mutant, their pins can sometimes screw over your squadmates, so you effectively can save your squadmates from death or rather a really annoying pin that can kill them if they are neglected long enough.
  • (Smite With Unlimited Power) Now if you haven’t noticed the latter part of the build makes the smite a bit dumb, not in a bad way, but a type of “hey i didn’t think it was supposed to work that well” way, effectively due to empowered psionics, if you kill an elite it gives you empowered psionics, and that makes it so when you use smite it doesn’t generate peril, so you could effectively gain 3 stacks of empowered psionics from a single stack so long as there’s enough elite enemies to farm stacks from. So if you moderate you usage of smite, you will never generate peril whenever you use it, and when you do use it, you can use it until the horde or whatever the game throws at you is dead, main thing i worry about is that fat shark on a whim could nerf this and ruin the build in its entirely especially considering the insanely high peril generation this build has, this is a genuine life saver.

With that in mind enjoy this build while you can, and thank you for reading my very basic guide, i hope you enjoyed!

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