Thief Simulator 2 – Bank Heist Guide

Quick info on how to do Bank heist, or at least have a quick overview on how to do it.


Few things before you continue reading it:

  • I completed it on HARDCORE (before the patch that made this heist easier)
  • The walkthrough was something I typed on a forum thread that I simply copy-pasted here
  • I will try to update with visuals and refine the guide

How to Rob

  • Go to your right, hack the computer with your laptop
  • Go all the way to the right of the map (near fence of the entrance) and jump to climp some kind of bushes on the wall.
  • Stay On Top Of The Wall. Keep walking until you pass the iron fance and drop just past the energy panel
  • Before you deactivate the cameras, hug the building and hack everything you can with your laptop.
  • Deactivate the cameras and go back to the front door. DO NOT RUN until you get past the iron fence! There is someone that can hear you (At this point you are pretty much set to enter the building)
  • Enter the building while crouching and open BOTH doors slowly and don’t close them (this will help you during your escape)
  • After you open this double door, always keep your gun with you. (if you did everything correct and didn’t waste too much time, it should be around 15h at this point)
  • The objective is on -1 floor, so don’t waste time. Hug the wall on your right, get past the stairs and open the door right after the stairs.
  • There is a chance some tenant will be at sitting on the couch around this area, shoot him and keep going forward.
  • As soon as you get past the couches, you need to go downstairs.
  • Silently open the vault door and grab all gold

Wait and read this carefully now:

This is the worst part. You CAN’T escape unnoticed. So read everything before you proceed.

How to Escape

  • After you get the precious gold bars, lets head to the exit. You need to take the SAME path you took to get in.
  • Right after the stairs that lead to the vault, there is a chance someone is sitting in a chair right in front of you. If you hug the wall you can get past him no problem.
  • The person sitting on the couch will be there still. SHOOT HER FAST. Keep hugging the wall.
  • Remember the front door that you left open? Yup, that red is the camera covering the WHOLE exit.
  • As soon as you get next to the exit door, sprint as you live depends on it (it does) to the wall to your LEFT. There is a vine yuo can climb that goes directly to the edge of the map.
  • ???
  • Profit
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