Starfield – How to Boost Forward

Is it a bug? Is it a feature? Regardless, Todd did not want you to do this (but you can do it anyway).

Wanna Go Fast?

First thing I thought when using the boost pack was man, why can’t this dude point forward and use this to go faster. Well, it seems someone at bethesda also thought about this, and wanted to keep it hush hush from Toddie boy.

Setting Up

So, what you wanna do is pretty simple:

Set up any other key binding for “JUMP” on the Settings tab.

You can straight up replace space with something else, but I recommend keeping space as the main key so you can still go up, whilst having an alt key for FAST AS F*** BOI.

Apparently, Starfield has a thing for the space bar key, something about it locks it to the vertical boost. Space is up, anything else is forward.

So yeah, it’s that simple. Just setup an alt jump key and use that.


You can also mod your pack (or find one with the mod already) so it has the Skip Capacity Boostpack mod.

This basically concentrates all the boost’s power into a single punch. Considering you’re going forward [thus, fighting gravity], you want all that boost instantly, instead of distributed along the way until you’re on the ground again.

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