Starfield – How to Rank Up the Shipcommand-Skill

How to get the 0/5 destroyed ship with at least 2 crewmemers. I was struggeling with it too, thought it was buggy. But here is how it works…

How to Rank Up the “Ship Command” Skill

So, long story short? If you rank up, and if you are able to choose the ship command skill, there you might have one question:

How the heck i rank it up? It does not work, doesen’t matter what i do!

If you wan’t to rank it up, make sure to use a ship you did NOT get by capturing it:

  1. Use the Frontier as example. (Maybe others work too but not a captured one atm)
  2. Have At Least (or more than) two Crewmembers on your ship, doesen’t mater if it is Sarah or Sam, Barrett or Marika, or a common NPC from a Pub.
  3. Then go and destroy 5 Enemy ships and you will see the numbers grow, 0/5->1/5->2/5 etc it is just magic, (it just works!) Errrr…. (It might happen then you get 1 count for one battle and not for every ship, consider this, maybe the description is wrong).
  4. Have Fun!
  5. Leave a comment if it helped, (also if not)
  6. Press Spacebar to jump…
  7. Press Spacebar and the Arrowkeys for more effect..
  8. Stop reading this, get ya skill ranked up!
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