Starfield – Useful NPC ID’s

Just a list of NPC ID’s for specific NPC’s which you may want to summon with the .moveto player command. Contains the ID’s for ALL shp technicians (except one).

Useful NPC ID’s for Console Command

To Summon an NPC to You

If an NPC glitches out and is showing far off in the distance, or underground, or up in the air rather than where they should be, you can summon them to your current location with the console command:

  • 00014E4E.moveto player

Replacing 00014E4E with the correct ID for that NPC. I have only experienced this with Nadia Muffaz, the SSNN news reporter. And that’s her ID. But I’ve seen reports where people are having similar issues with various ship technicians.

This guide is a place to gather the NPC ID’s for various important NPC’s in case one should ever need to use the console to get them where they belong.

Ship Technicans

  • 0015636E – Neon Ship technician, Volii Alpha, Volii system
  • 0016E1D6 – Cydonia Ship Technician, Mars, Sol System
  • 0005C81D – New Atlantis Ship Technician, Jemison, Alpha Centauri System
  • 0015CF3C – Ship Technician, Gagarin Landing, Alpha Centauri System
  • 00146DCB – New Homestead Ship Technician, Titan, Sol System
  • 001073AA – Deimos Staryard, Deimos, Sol System
  • 0027A985 – Havershaw, Stroud-Eklund Staryard Salesman, Dalvik, Deepala, Narion System
  • 0014A7FF – Ship Technician, The Clinic (Staryard), Deepala, Narion System
  • 0027A98B – Veronica Young, Taiyo Showroom Salesperson, Taiyo Astroneering floor of Ryuijn Offices, Neon, Volii Alpha, Volii System
  • 00212B52 – Akila City Ship Technican Akila, Cheyenne System
  • 001433E7 – The Den Ship Technician, Wolf System
  • 0015D3C7 – Paradiso Ship Technican, Porrima II, Porrima System
  • 002B2BD6 – Lon Anderson, Red Mile Ship Technician, Red Mile, Porrima III, Porima System
  • 001B4BF2 – Hopetown Ship Technician, Polvo, Valo System
  • 0028AC8C – Inaya Rehman, HopeTech Salesperson in HopeTech facility, Hopetown, Polvo, Valo System
  • 000D87A3 – Elios Retreat Ship Technican, Ixyll II, Ixyll system
  • 00261765 – Lt. Jillian Toft, Ship Technician, UC Vigilance at The Key, Kryx System

Constellation Members & Companions

  • 000059A9 – Andreja
  • 000057BE – Vasco
  • 00005788 – Barret
  • 00005986 – Sara Morgan
  • 0029D488 – Sam Coe
  • 0029D489 – Cora Coe
  • 002B0802 – Vladimir Sall
  • 000059A1 – Matteo Khatri
  • 00005998 – Walter Stroud
  • 0000598D – Noel
  • 002733C8 – Sona

Other Useful NPC IDs

  • 00014E4E – Nadia Muffaz, from SSNN
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