Starfield – Stores & Items Guide

Stores & Items

The most useful store types are easily the Mineral Stores for most resources needed for the outpost and upgrading, General Stores for more minerals and lastly Trade Authorities for selling contraband.

Each major city contains one of each store, including those 3 mentioned. Since there is no proper minimap in Starfield you have to hope you run into them.

However, here are their locations for each major city. Screenshots are also a bit pointless so I’ll try my best to describe their locations.


As soon as you enter Neon:

  • Straight to the left is both the Trade Authority and Mining League stores
  • Straight to the left and further down on the left is Newill’s Goods


As soon as you enter the front gate:

  • To the immediate left is the General Store
  • A bit further in to the left is the Weapon Store
  • Even further in to the left is the Mineral Store
  • Even further to the right side behind the Galbank is the Trade Authority


As soon as you enter the airlock and go down the ramp:

  • To the right is the Trade Authority

New Atlantis

  • To the left of the landing port is the General Store

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