Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion – Vasari Rebel Fleet Opening for Multiplayer

A quick guide for Fleet Opening with the Vasari Rebel faction in multiplayer 5s.


This is a quick guide for Fleet Opening with the Vasari Rebel faction in multiplayer 5s. This opening is an alternative to SB rush openings (e.g. with Rankulas or Jarrasul). I’d recommend also reading other Multiplayer guides such as ones by Grimm and mathematico.

Early Game

Starting tech:

  • 2 Military labs first for Starbase (SB) and fleet. Scuttle Capital Factory for the slot to build 2nd lab.

Scouting / Eco:

  • Build 4 more scouts and send the scouts to auto explore and capture neutrals


  • Build 2 colonizer frigates and capture nearby asteroids

Starting Capital ship: Antorak Marauder as this is the best capital to support your fleet:

  • Skills: Phase Out Hull and Distort Gravity
  • Use Phase Out Hull on the opponent’s cap ships to disable them during a fight or to prevent them from running away
  • Use Distort Gravity to run away from or to chase the opponent


  • Long Range Frigates and Flak Frigates

Technology (Military):

  • Health upgrade (1, 2)
  • Phase missile weapon upgrade (1)
  • Titan research (1): for damage boost for all ships
  • Repair platform
  • Phase jump inhibitor


  • Slowly expand/push out with Fleet and SB
  • However, if the opponent is doubling your team mate, or being greedy (eco hard), go straight to their homeworld

Mid Game

2nd Cap Ship: some good options:

  • Skirantra Carrier: for Repair Cloud skill
  • Vulkoras Desolator: for quick planet sieging
  • Jarrasul Evacuator: for easier colonizing

Technology (Civic):

  • Culture (3)
  • Wreckage Auto-salvage (3) (IMPORTANT): gain resources when destroying cap ships or structures
  • All for One (3): damage boost when allies are present

Technology (Military):

  • Phasic Strike (3): damage boost after jumping

Late Game


  • Titan
  • 3rd Cap: Kortul Devastator for anti-strike craft skill (Jam Weapons)
  • Carrier cruisers
  • Support cruisers

Technology (Civic):

  • Selective Phasing (4): scouts can survive much better
  • Phase Tunneling (5): to build phase nodes
  • Shared Network (5): friendly ships can also use phase nodes
  • Friendly jump telemetry (6): no AM loss when jumping
  • Optimized construction (7): reduce ship cost
  • Starbase mobilization (8): SBs can jump between phase nodes

Technology (Military):

  • Assault Deployment (4): SBs build faster
  • Bidirectional jamming (4): phase jump inhibitors can slow down incoming jumps
  • Phase Stabilizer (6): SBs can deploy phase nodes
  • (6): Scouts can ignore phase jump inhibitors
  • (6): unique shield upgrade
  • (8): unique hit point and armor upgrade
  • Kostura weapon (8): superweapon to deploy phase nodes anywhere
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