Starfield – Building Outposts Guide

Building Outposts

What Are Outposts and How to Build Them

Outposts are areas where the player can build a collection of buildings with a purpose. Some purposes could be:

  • A homeworld to customise and store all your items and resources
  • A mining station for inorganic resources i.e. Aluminium, Titanium, Copper etc…
  • A mining gas gathering station for gases i.e. Neon, Hydrogen-3
  • An organic gathering station for fauna (Animals)
  • An organic gathering station for flora (Plants)
  • A factory which takes in resources, turning them into more complex ones

To create an outpost, first go to a planet and go a distance away from any landmarks, open up your scanner F and then press R for the outpost. You will now be able to deploy this outpost, to the top left of your screen the resources available within this area are shown. Once placed, outposts can be moved, however, the build zone will not change, the only way to move the zone is to destroy the outpost and replace it.

Outposts preferably should be placed within a flat zone otherwise hills will restrict the placement of large buildings.

Once an outpost is placed, it’s a good idea to place a landing port where your ship will be stationed. When your ship is station you have full access to the cargo hold and so does any crafting or construction in your base. This means you can have all your resources on your ship and be able to use them on your crafting stations at the same outpost, this is very useful when you start the colonising stage of the game. In order to enable this, you must first build a ‘Transfer Container’.

Resource Management

Resource management and automation is very simple luckily enough. To automate the movement of resources you need to setup links between buildings.

One example would be, setting up a Titanium Miner and then linking it to an Inorganic Storage Container which would automatically transfer all mined items to that container. You can also daisy chain storage containers to one another to further increase the total capacity you can store.

Creating Complex Resources

Complex resources are those which cannot be mined or gathered from plants or animals and must be crafted. To setup some automated crafting of these materials you will need to link up the associated resources to a Fabricator and then link that to a Resource Storage Container

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