Juna – The Dreamwalker – Fast Walkthrough

This guide only describes how to quickly complete the game. It does not cover how to reach secret places or other objectives!

Beginning / Dugeon 1

  • Standard Equipment

Go directly through the village to the south until you encounter a child blocking your way. Talk to him until he moves aside, then go left to the graveyard. One of the tombstones can be pushed upward. Enter the tomb and speak to the old man. He will give you a shield and clear the path for you. Continue and take the first left turn. Obtain the key there and return to the junction. This time, go right. At the end of the tomb, you will receive your first sword. Enjoy!

  • The Path to the First Dungeon

Now exit the tomb and return to the village entrance in the north, where you started. You can now clear the bushes and enter the outside world. Follow the path into the withered forest, go right and then head north. You should now be in a dark, cursed forest. Stay to the right and head north to the abandoned hut. Inside the hut, push the box in the upper right corner aside. The path to the first dungeon is now clear.

  • The Catacombs

In the catacombs, first go all the way to the right. Some doors are locked. Defeat the monsters to obtain a key or to unlock doors. Then head north, move the blocks, and enter the room full of bushes. Go down the stairs there and proceed all the way south. Defeat the cloud-shaped monster. This will unlock a shortcut in each dungeon. Now go left and open the chest. Inside, you will find the Soul Rod. To exit the room, you must go through a narrow gap in the north of this room. Step on the switch and defeat the slime monster that falls down. It will split into two smaller slimes. Use the Soul Rod to take on the form of one of these slimes and squeeze through the narrow gap. Now go all the way left until you encounter another gap like this. Do the same thing again. To solve the puzzle with the 4 pressure switches, you must push all the blocks onto the switches. For the last switch, assume the form of a block, as you are too light in your normal form to trigger the red switch. Take the key and go north into the next room. There, take on the form of a bat to fly over the chasm. Retrieve the boss key and head directly to the boss. The boss can be attacked when he either partially emerges from the ground or fully materializes. If he has less than half of his health, he will try to flee when he sees you. You can assume any form again to deceive him or simply be faster than him. Once the boss is defeated, you will automatically absorb some of his life points. Go up and collect the first portal fragment.

Dream 1

  • The First Dream

Now return to the village. You will be stopped by a child who tells you to go to the house of the first priest. It’s the house all the way to the left with the sleeping character. Speak with the old man from the tomb chamber, and he will set up a device that can send you into the dreams of the sleeping. Jump into bed, and you’ll be in the dream.

  • Dream 1: The Monster Valley

In the dream, go down the stairs, go right and head north. Stay to the west until you reach a large chasm. Take on the form of a bird to fly over the chasm. Now enter the cave and, at the first opportunity, take on the form of a spider, which allows you to jump over chasms. Once you’ve passed through the cave, follow the path outside to a chest containing bombs. You can now either backtrack all the way or assume the form of a snake to burrow into the ground and bypass obstacles. From the starting point, move north again until you reach a cave entrance blocked by rocks. Use the bombs to clear the entrance. Inside the cave, when you come across a cracked block on the right side, remove it and climb the ladder. In the next cave, you should be facing a large chasm. Use the bats to fly over this abyss. If you can’t reach them with the Soul Rod, you can place a bomb to scare them. On the other side, exit the cave, jump off the cliff there, and blow up the last rock. Now the dream’s boss, resembling an ape-like creature, will appear. To protect yourself from bombs and falling rocks, take on the form of a stone. When the boss stomps on the ground, you will lose your form. The boss can only be defeated in his first form with the help of another monster. Occasionally, the boss will throw an egg containing said monster. Assume its form and use it to attack the boss. Once the boss loses his armor, you can attack him with your sword. After defeating the boss, leave the dream by jumping into the newly appeared bed.

Dungeon 2

  • The Swamp Village

To reach the swamp village, leave the village to the north and return to the withered forest. Go up the first set of stairs and then exit to the left, where you will find a boulder. Blow it up and continue west while staying to the north. Take the first northern entrance, and you should now be in a swamp area. Head left from there and defeat the monster in front of the gate. The gate will open once the monster is defeated. Now go to the statue surrounded by water and assume its form. Use the morning star to destroy the tentacles. You only need to destroy the large tentacle monsters to free the village. In the center of the village stands another statue that can only be moved if you are strong enough or have the ability to lift/move objects. Nearby, there is a raccoon that possesses this ability. Once you have freed the village, you can also help the child in front of the crumbling house with 100 gold coins. This will summon a giant teddy bear whose form you can assume. It also has this ability. After moving the statue, go down the ladder and defeat the two lizard men. A key will appear, allowing you to enter the second dungeon. Go back out and head to the center of the swamp area, where you can open the gate with the key.

  • The Swamp Temple

Go directly one room up and assume the form of the bow-wielding native. There is another slime monster on the small platform. Get closer to make it visible and defeat it with the bow. Defeat the remaining enemies in the room to make a key appear. Enter the room again, and now assume the form of a small slime monster to squeeze through the gap. In the next room, assume the form of a bat to reach the switch or fly directly over the chasm. In the room one more to the right, go through the north door immediately. Cross the bridge there. You can defend against the arrows with the shield or the sword. In the next room, head north again and once more assume the form of a bat to reach the stairs over the chasm. In the underground, go down the corridor until you reach the next stairs. Back in the upper level, go left first, defeat the monsters, and then collect the jumping boots. Go back again and now enter the lower room with the 4 switches. Here, assume the form of the raccoon again to lift the vases. Activate all 4 switches and take the key. Go back to the stairs, through the underground, until you come out on the other side. Now you can jump over the abysses and continue to the right. Follow the path there and enter the room to the south, going down the next set of stairs. Fight your way through the underground and you will arrive in a room full of spikes. In the room below, you can get an energy drink by defeating all the monsters. In the next room, there are 4 monsters imprisoned whose forms you can assume. First, assume the form of the bow-wielding isopod and go up one room. From there, you can activate the spinning switch remotely. Go back and now assume the form of the raptor in its egg. With increased speed, you can reach the boss key in the room below. Move the blocks out of the way to return. Now go back to the stairs and all the way to the other side. On the ground floor, go directly up, where the path from the spinning switch is now unlocked. Jump over the abysses there and defeat the cloud monster to activate a teleporter. The second boss can be defeated by hitting it on the head. It will periodically burrow underground and become untargetable. In this case, assume the form of one of the monsters in the chasms and trigger an earthquake. This will force the boss to the surface. If the boss swallows you, you will find yourself in an egg. Simply press START to set yourself free. Once the boss is defeated, you can collect the second portal fragment.

Dream 2

  • Dream 2: The Warfront

You can now access the dream in the ruined house and jump over the chasms. You will immediately be hit by a cannonball that does not cause any damage at first. Since the bed is destroyed, you cannot exit the dream as easily now. Go to the tent all the way to the right and let the general tell you what to do. Now go down to the left and talk to the soldier blocking the exit. If he lets you through, fight your way to the enemy’s valley. There is a cave there that may need to be blown open. Cross the cave and keep to the left. You should now be in a 4 vs. 4 battle. You can watch or help. When all enemies are defeated, a chest will appear containing the bow. Proceed to the left until you are outside the cave. There you will find a huge pile of cannonballs that you can ignite with a bomb. The impact will destroy a boulder, causing a flood in the valley. Now go all the way back through the cave, and you should now be in a lake. Swim to the left and follow the path up, where you will encounter the enemy general. The easiest way to defeat him is with the bow. When he gets closer, you can also quickly place a bomb and use sword strikes to make him stand still. Bombs inflict the most damage. Once the general is defeated, you can leave the dream through the bed again.

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