Town of Salem 2 – How to Obtain Arsonist Achievements Easily

This is a guide for you rookie arsonists out there to get achievements easily. Doesn’t require custom nor friends, so you can do this in all any or casual. Note that this may not help you get better at arsonist, but it will help get achievements.

Arsonist Achievements Guide

Note: Credit goes to Waterboy421

How to Get Drenched

When the game starts, say “TP / LO ON ME” in chat immediately to get as many people to come to your house as possible. This may also throw suspicion off of you. During the night choose a random player to douse, it doesn’t really matter. Once the night timer ends, you should have gotten atleast 2 to 4 players doused, but hope its above 3 so you get the “Drenched” achievement.

How to Get Disco Inferno

After you get all those people doused, the day may be tricky. People may doubt you pretending to be Town Power, and people may ask you to confirm yourself. Try to stall for as long as possible, and get 5 people doused (which should be easy after your massive dousing from night one). Now if someone asks you to confirm yourself, claim jailor. This way you can stall until the night and then ignite, and now you just bombed a entire faction along with getting the “Disco Inferno” achievement!

How to Get Blazing Penetentiary

Start a new game as Arsonist. Pray that theres a Jailor in this game (and pray that they are gullible). Now douse someone and then get the jailor to jail that person. Once they jail that person ignite and get the “Blazing Penetentiary” achievement.

Alternate method

Keep on doing the strategy for “Drenched” and igniting on night 2 until you get lucky enough for a jailor to jail a doused person.

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